Madonna On Abrupt Cancellation of 'Madame X' Concert: 'I'm In Indescribable Pain'

The Queen of Pop broke her silence over the last-minute cancellation of her "Madame X" concert tour in Miami.

"Madame X" tour is the eleventh concert tour of Madonna since she started her career in the 1980s. It came after the release of her same-titled studio album which hit the charts on June 14, 2019.

The all-theatre tour just started in Nov. 2019, but she already received critical comments from her fans and viewers.

The Concert is Cancelled!

"Madame X" tour in Miami has been canceled due to the singer's "indescribable pain." Her fans, instead of sending her recovery wishes, whipped her with backlash instead.

Madonna posted a video of her previous performance on Instagram and explained why she failed to make it.

"As I climbed the ladder to sing Batuka On Saturday night in Miami I was in tears from the pain of my injuries, which has been indescribable for the past few days," she wrote.

The singer has been reportedly being tortured by the pain since the beginning of her tour but still chose to perform for her fans. But this time, she decided to listen to her body and acknowledge the signals she has been receiving.

Madonna said that she freed her time and underwent different laboratory tests for two days to check her current health status.

Moreover, Madonna apologized to her fans for the cancellation of the last show. In addition, she assured her fans that she wants to continue her tour, but she must rest to make it possible and prevent inflicting further damage to her body.

There are still no exact reports about the underlying condition she has, but her fans are sure that it is affecting her concert tour dates so much.

Before her scheduled Miami tour, Madonna also canceled three tour dates in Boston, as advised by her doctor.

A day before she announced the sad news, the 61-year-old singer shared a video on her Instagram account alongside the caption "taking my usual ice bath for multiple injuries."

According to Madonna, canceling her shows is "a kind of punishment" for her since she is eager to perform in front of her fans. She also noted that the pain she felt was too overwhelming and the choice she only had was to rest so she could continue her "Madame X" journey.

"Madame X" Album Issue

Despite her long-reigning success, Madonna received criticisms after she allegedly failed to credit and pay Casey Spooner, the songwriter of her "Madame X" album.

The former member of Fischerspooner took his claims to Instagram and said that he was Madonna's co-writer on her track "God Control."

"I have had enough ... I've gotten no credit and no compensation ... while you're galavanting around on stage I'm completely broke in Berlin. Robbed, ignored and delayed," Spooner revealed.

According to the songwriter, he was offered $10,000 at first and an additional $25,000 for future publishing perks. He stood up and insisted that he should also be paid at least one percent of the profits from the tour.

Madonna has not commented on the allegations yet, but Spooner is determined to get what he believes he deserves.

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