Better 2020: 5 Small Gadgets For the Grossly Disorganized From Amazon

Having an organized year takes planning, preparation and a desire to organize your entire life. 

A new year means a new organized life.

Not only do you need to organize your things to have a cleaner home, but you should also have organized health, friendship, relationship and finances. 

Yes, it seems like a lot to accomplish. You may be wondering: how can you completely organize your life? Is it even possible?

The answer is a definite YES. It is possible, but at a slower pace, so you do not get overwhelmed with the change. 

An organized life can allow you more time to foster relationships, as well as improve productivity and promote a better image of yourself. 

This is why organizing is a popular New Year's resolution. 

Here are some of the benefits of being organized: 

It can reduce stress: According to a UCLA study, women are more stressed if their homes were cluttered. Thirty-two families who lived in cluttered homes experienced a higher level of stress. 

The study also found that those who often to their homes with words like "not fun" and "chaotic" were likely to experience depression, fatigue, and higher cortisol levels. 

It will help you eat better: People who work in a clean space are twice as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar than people who work in a cluttered space for ten minutes. 

Disorganization stresses the mind, making people want to eat more food. 

It will help you stick to your goals: One reason people do not succeed in their goals is that they fail to plan. It is a haphazard approach to accomplishing what matters most that never works. It even makes people give up on their goals. 

Accomplishing goals is about creating systems and sticking to them, whether it is a daily or a weekly routine. A consistent application of small habits will transform your life. 

If you are a disorganized mess, it is because you lack systems in your routine. 

It can lower heart attack risks: According to Reader's Digest, people who do the most yard work, house cleaning, and DIY projects have about a 30% lower risk of a first-time cardiovascular event.  It is another excuse to get up and get to organizing and moving since cleaning can help save your life. 

Now to help you to a more organized life, here are some products to help you start organizing for the holidays:

A Tracker for Multiple Items

Are you tired of losing something all the time? Try investing in an item tracker. 

Ring your things by using your smartphone to call them up. The Tile Mate is a versatile finder of everyday items. 

The best part is if you ever lose your tile, you can recruit the entire Tile community to help you look for it. 

(Photo : Amazon)

A Multi-device Charging Station

Most people these days do not just own a phone, they own at least two phones and a tablet. 

So instead of charging each device in different sockets, this convenient charging station will end the utter chaos of charging. 

Hercules Tuff Fast Charging Station can be a central place to organize and charge your devices. The best part is not digging through the junk drawer or looking for it behind the couch to find your charger.

(Photo : Amazon)

A Set of Airtight Storage Containers

These will keep your dry goods fresh and edible. The Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set also looks great, aesthetically speaking. You can put in some flour, brown sugar and other baking products. 

They would also look much better than half-empty paper bags in your cupboards.


(Photo : Amazon)

A Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Many need to have a designated spot for each utensil, but not only can the Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Cutlery & Knives Tool Tray be used for the kitchen, but it can also be a versatile organizer. It can be use for your gadgets, workshop tools, and even cosmetics and jewelry!

(Photo : Amazon)

A Stainless-Steel Pants Hanger

This is one of the things you should invest in: a pants hanger!

First, it saves space; Second, it allows you to see all the pants at a glance and then grab the chosen pair quickly. 

It holds everything in place, does not bend, and you will see all of your jeans in one place without having to check each one of them.  

(Photo : Amazon)

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