One Direction fans felt their heart throbbing after they noticed the group's website new update. Is it a sign of their long-awaited comeback?

The webverse got stormed with One Direction's possible reunion last year, and fans could not help but dream of seeing the members Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne (and Zayn Malik, if the universe will hear their prayers loud enough) to stand on one stage together again.

Sign of the Comeback?

On Jan. 5, fans immediately took to Twitter and Instagram their excitement after the boy band's website appeared to be updated and included the line "2020 Sony Music Entertainment" at the bottom of the website.

"7 hours ago the One Direction website wasn't working... now it works, what's happening?" one fan wrote on Twitter.

Directioners quickly flooded the members' Instagram pages with comments, telling them to finally gather together for a reunion.

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Not A Comeback?

iHeartRadio recently reported that Liam Payne teased a possible One Direction documentary coming soon.

During his concert on Dec. 27 in Dubai, Payne recalled the most recent time he came to the city as part of One Direction.

The "Stack It Up" singer seemed to accidentally spill some secrets and told Dubai's City Times that they will be having a documentary in July 2020 as part of One Direction's 10th anniversary.

"It's hard for me to remember specific gigs because it was a blur of planes and sound checks and screams. I think we filmed that show and it will be part of a documentary around an anniversary," Payne revealed.

For the fans who lost their hopes, they sadly chose to make themselves believe that the website's update is only related to the aforementioned documentary and does not mean the group will have a reunion.

Comeback is Possible ... But Without Zayn

If ever the group will push through the reunion, fans should only expect to see four members on stage.

After all, Tomlinson recently opened up about holding a grudge against former bandmate Zayn Malik.

In an interview with Metro last year, Tomlinson admitted that he still felt betrayed by everything that Malik did against the group following his departure. He also said that the former One Direction member did not handle the situation as professional as possible.

"But never say never. Who knows? He chatted a lot of s*** in the early days. I thought One Direction was pretty good," Tomlinson went on.

Welcoming Malik again if they ever have a reunion is not one of the things he could honestly serve on the table, and he has no idea when he will be able to forgive or forget what Malik did as "he is not yet mature enough to provide a concrete answer."

Malik announced his departure from the popular boy band in 2015 due to stress. He also pointed out that he wanted to be able to relax and "have some private time out of the spotlight."

It was a good goodbye, but not until Malik dissed the group not once, not twice and not even thrice -- but seven times!

One of the recent shades he threw to the band was through his song "Good Years." He was called a hypocrite by Tomlinson because of that. Since then, they exchanged tweets after tweets against each other and none of the issues have been resolved yet.

There was also a time when Malik told U.K. Vogue that he cut the contacts with the other four members after the split since they never contacted him either. He added that he was the "island" in One Direction, as he always stayed that "shy guy" and kept things simple and isolated.

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