Piers Morgan Launches Scathing Attack on 'Entitled' Prince Harry, 'Greedy' Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has lashed out against Meghan Markle again. But this time, he has negative impression on Prince Harry as well. His criticisms came alongside others in the aftermath of the Sussexes decision to step back as senior royals.

Unmatched Disrespect Towards Her Majesty

Morgan came out in defense of the British monarchy for what he sees as a move that was a blatant disrespect to The Queen. He criticized Harry and Meghan for "disowning the Royal family" calling them "nothing but spoiled brats."

These sentiments were expressed after The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their decision to be financially independent. Thus, they are henceforth stepping back from their roles as senior royals. They also unveiled their plans to move between North America and the UK.

Morgan initially tweeted "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets." But the flames were fanned after one user defended the Sussexes in a comment: "A real man protects his family."

The TV presenter lashed out then, saying Meghan and Harry are not protecting their families. Rather, he called out the Sussexes for disowning their family. He added that no other royal antic has ever matched this act of Meg and Harry.

Throwing Heavy Words at the Sussex Royals

Morgan continued on calling out the Sussexes for their "pure arrogance and willful disrespect of Her Majesty." He further suggests that the British monarch should strip Harry and Meghan of their HRH titles. He even suggests doing so without any formal ceremony and to do so with immediacy and dispatch the two as civilians.

Piers also called the Duke and Duchess "greedy and entitled" royals. He slammed the royal couple for their disgraceful royal antics. To add to the fury, he wishes the worse on the two saying "I sincerely hope they will not exist much longer with those titles."

Dealing With Media Once and For All

Prince Harry is putting his foot down on media criticism. The past few years have been toughest on his wife, Meghan and even with their firstborn child, Archie.

The Sussex Royals revealed their new media plan to only uphold credible media outlets. Furthermore, such media drives should be focused solely on objective news reporting.

In addition, the media will only be entertained via invitation. The specialist media personnel are only allowed access to cover key events and moments in the Sussexes' lives.

Harry and Meghan are also ceasing to follow the Royal Rota system set up 40 years ago. The system gives the press exclusive access to all official engagements. The Sussexes have made it clear they no longer plan to live by its rules.

Decision to Step Back Shocked Senior Royals

Apparently, the senior royals did not get firsthand information from the Sussexes of their decision. BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymont revealed that Harry and Meghan did not consult the other members of the royal family.

To this, Morgan became even angrier saying, "Absolutely appalling that [Harry and Meghan] failed to notify Her Majesty." He adds that The Queen is not just Harry's grandmother, but the British monarch which should have been first to know.

Buckingham Palace later released a statement revealing that the announcement made is still at an early stage. The senior royals are said to have understood the Sussexes' desire for a different approach but that it would take time to push through. Furthermore, their decision has caused sadness to the other royals.

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