Royal Snub? Why Meghan Markle Did Not Join Crisis Meeting With Queen Elizabeth II


When it comes to "crisis meetings" with the central members of the royal family, all the royal couples always comes in pair to show support. This time, however, Meghan Markle found it unnecessary to join Prince Harry in the meeting called by Queen Elizabeth II.

After the Sussexes' bombshell announcement about their decision to step back as senior members of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II could not help but to immediately look for the best thing to do during that moment -- a crisis meeting.

However, during the four-way conference ordered by Her Majesty, the Duchess of Sussex refused to join either.

Where's Meghan?

After their royal exit announcement, Meghan jetted back to Canada to attend to their son, Archie. Because of the situation, Queen Elizabeth II gave her an option to join the conference via phone call or video.

While she has all the means and time, however, Meghan did not get in touch with the family, giving royal watchers a chance to speculate the real reason behind her refusal.

One report said that the time difference between Britain and Canada became the Duchess' reason why she did not stay join the meeting. Meanwhile, others even claimed that she got banned from calling in because of some personal and security issues.

To calm all the allegations down and to prevent more damages to occur, the palace eventually issued an official statement explaining why Meghan failed to take part even in the Sandringham Summit.

According to Emily Andrews, The Sun's royal correspondent, the palace said that the Sussexes found it unnecessary and unimportant for Meghan to join.

"But we understand Harry was in contact with his wife while at Sandringham, to keep her in the loop," Andrews went on.

What Happened During The Summit?

Her Majesty spent some time to think about Prince Harry and Meghan's decision until she came up with the tough and concrete decision to approve what the two desire.

In a statement released under her name, Queen Elizabeth II said that the whole royal family is supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan's plans to start walking on a new path as currently-family-of-three.

"Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family remaining a valued part of my family," the statement went on.

In the end, regardless of the fact that Meghan was not around during the summit, the outcome turned out to be in favor of her and Prince Harry as they finally got a nod from Queen Elizabeth II.

Now that they received the Queen's acknowledgment, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer taste the same riches, but they will finally become independent from the royal family -- just like what they want.

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