Twitter users are losing their minds over the latest episode of "The Bachelor." Kelsey Weier's champaign surprise was an epic fail.

Whoever saw the latest episode of "The Bachelor" must have wanted to pack up, turn the lights off and simply go home. Peter Weber's "The Bachelor" has always been talked about for many good reasons, but what just happened might be what the show would be remembered for years.

Some say that it is the best moment of "The Bachelor" this season or the entire franchise as a whole.


The latest episode of "The Bachelor" was entitled #champaignegate. Kelsey Weier, one of the contestants in the show, bought a bottle of champagne from her home to "The Bachelor" mansion. Her goal was to use the drink to have a special moment with Peter.

According to Kelsey, the bottle of champagne she got from her birthday was more than just bubbly. She said that the bottle contained what her heart and mind wanted.

"I want to have a husband and a family," she said.

Though it was a bit too much pressure for a bottle of booze, Kelsey had her eyes on the price.

Kelsey then sets the bottle of champagne so that it is ready when the right time comes. She intended to steal Peter for a moment and make it an important moment during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party.

However, before she could have her moment, Peter and Hannah saw the set-up and popped the champagne open.

The Breakdown

Kelsey had her share of a full breakdown soon after. She ran through the house crying until Peter got to her and pulled her to the side. He had another bottle of champagne, and this was when the magical moment happened.

Just when Kelsey was about to take a sip from the bottle, it all exploded to her face. Instead of being dramatic, the moment turned into something hilarious. Twitter agreed.

One user retweeted the clip and said that it must be the best "The Bachelor" clip she has ever seen in history. Another user said that it was the best thing that ever happened to "The Bachelor."

It was like it had put an end to every story.

There were also users that agree Kelsey deserved what happened to her. They say that her drama about the whole champagne surprise was just over the moon. One user wrote she could not believe how perfectly played karma looked like.

Karma's A Bitch

The scene totally got to the audience laughing. Some people expressed what they thought about it, with Twitter users theorizing that the producers have set everything up.

They are sold to the idea that the producers have planned everything and likened the idea to the work of a devil.

Who could have prepared the champagne bottle before Kelsey got to it? Everyone wants to watch the video on a loop.

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