Long-time fans of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are losing their minds after they saw the interaction of the ex-lovers during a recent awards night.

Is it a sign that the two still have that "spark" for each other?

Both Brad and Jen turned heads during the 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in the U.S., but it was not only because they both won awards.

The 56-year-old Pitt grabbed the award for Best Supporting Actor in Film for his remarkable role (Cliff Booth's role) on the "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood." Meanwhile, Jen bagged the crown for Best Drama Actress in TV for her role as top news anchor Alex Levy in "The Morning Show."

Everything appeared to be typical during the awards night ... not until Brad exhibited subtle, flirty gestures towards the 50-year-old actress.

However, Jen rejected the concept of the two getting back together during the event's red carpet.

Are The Two Flirting with Each Other?

Can the photos do the talking for the two of them? On one of the photos posted by The Hollywood Reporter, Brad was "affectionately" watching Jen as she delivered her acceptance speech.

In another snap that stormed Twitter, the actor held the wrist of Aniston as she walked away as soon as their "short conversation" ended.

Jen has already brushed off the rumors that they could be together again and called it "hilarious." However, their fans still hope that a single spark can start their relationship again.

Fans Rejoiced Online!

Since this rare-event happened, the romantic reunion caused fans to go crazy online.

One fan wrote, "when he grab your wrist like that you know it's a wrap."

"When you're trying to ghost him but he's still the first to watch all your Instagram Stories," another fan wrote.

Their "reunion" -- particularly in the course of the 2020 awards season -- had long been hoped for by their fans. Despite the nasty rumors surrounding their split, both Pitt and Aniston have said that no party was at fault and that they remain friends.

When Did The Rumors Start?

The possibility of Brad and Pitt getting back together started a few weeks after Jen and Justin decided to separate ways in 2017.

A source claimed Brad's estranged wife, Angelina, became infuriated after learning the actor has allegedly been tending to low-key, secret meet-ups with his former wife.

"Angie does not want to believe that Brad and Jen could be seeing each other again. Angelina feels oddly jealous that Brad could possibly be giving attention to his ex," an insider revealed to Hollywood Life.

However, another source told Hollywood Life that rumors of a potential reunion between the ex-couple are "totally false."

People magazine also denied the possibility of a reconciliation between Pitt and Aniston. They explained a lot of things happened since their breakup for them to get back together.

The outlet also said that the former couple had severe issues when they were together, which they have not forgotten about in the years since their 2005 divorce.

Whatever the future holds for them, fans can only wait for now if they will receive their wish.

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