Conor McGregor is back after months of keeping himself out of the Octagon. Despite his long absence, however, he showed that he still has not changed -- be it when it comes to his skills or trash talking.

The Notorious proved that his skills are still incomparable after he knocked Donald Cerrone out on Saturday during the UFC 246 main event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. In true McGregor fashion, he then called his future rivals "fools" after the victory.

McGregor made referee Herb Dean end the fight after 40 seconds as he busted Cowboy's nose with several punches and shoulder strikes.

The Notorious Is Victorious

Fans anticipated McGregor's comeback three years after he lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match and to Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018 (which became his last fight before the UFC 246). And sure enough, he did not disaapoint.

The 31-year-old MMA fighter won against Cerrone, a kickboxing specialist, and even set a breathtaking record.

The now-matured and focused McGregor proved that he is still capable of showing his remarkable striking skills in the Octagon.

The result was unexpected since the fight was at welterweight (170 pounds), where Cerrone has a roll of successful matches in the past. It gave McGregor a disadvantage since he had only won at featherweight (145) or lightweight (155).

After the fight, McGregor claimed that he is now the first fighter in UFC history to score a stoppage win in three different weight classes.

"I'm very proud of my accomplishment," McGregor said in the Octagon after the fight. "Etched my name in history one more time.

"I like this weight division, it's good going up and down, I'm in shape. I'm not there yet, there's work to do to get to where I was. I'll party, celebrate, any of these fools can get it. It does not matter."

According to Forbes, however, McGregor was not the first one to accomplish such feat but UFC middleweight fighter Jared Cannonier.

Meanwhile, Cerrone acknowledged his lost, which is his third defeat in a row.

"This happened this fast," Cerrone said after the fight, referring to the 40-second knockout record. "He caught me straight away, then kicked me ... I've not seen anything like it. He busted my nose."

McGregor Partied On-Air?

As what the UFC 246 champion said while at the Octagon after the fight, he will celebrate his first victory after 15 months -- and he did.

After he received criticisms that he only had one skill, McGregor bravely appeared at his post-fight press conference while slugging and holding a bottle of whiskey.

He lambasted those people who doubted his capabilities as an MMA fighter and said, "I wonder what all those 'so called' experts are going to say now, 'He's only a left shoulder!'... absolute lack of respect and true knowledge of the sport from some of these people."

As he claimed that he is already ready to showcase his skills, McGregor held up a bottle of his own branded Proper no. Twelve whiskey and said in the most relaxed way possible that his belly "is warm."

Whatever fight he has on his list in the near future, it seems like Conor's fans will be seeing him with a bottle of alcohol from this day forward.

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