Royal Downgrade: Queen Elizabeth II Wanted to Demote Prince Harry, Meghan Markle After Exit


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have almost lost everything when they decided to take a step back from their duties in the royal family.

According to a report released by Evening Standard on Monday, the Queen has actually considered removing Harry and Meghan their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex amidst their decision to exit from royal duties.

Queen Elizabeth and some members of the royal family reportedly debated about the removal of the titles from Harry and Meghan's names. They have bestowed the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their grand wedding in 2018.

The Queen argued that the two should be demoted to match their reduced roles in the royal family. 

New Titles

Had the Queen gotten her way, Prince Harry would instead be given the lesser title "Earl of Dumbarton." Meanwhile, his wife Meghan would just be a countess, the report added.

A royal source told the London paper that Queen Elizabeth II seriously considered the removal and that their discussion of the situation was considered in the highest levels. 

There was a suggestion that the sixth in line to the throne would be referred to using a lesser title. It would put them at par with Prince Edward and Sophie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne and Prince Harry's father, decided against it. Ultimately, they realized that doing so would make the royal family look petty. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to keep their titles. However, Buckingham Palace said on Saturday that the couple will no longer be using HRH -- for his or her royal highness -- because the two are no longer working as members of the royal family. 

They felt that the banning of the use of HRH in public or for commercial use while still retaining the Duke and Duchess title is sufficient enough as a form of punishment. 

New Branding

However, the exit of Meghan and Harry from the royal duties might open up a "future clash." In particular, their use of the term "Sussex Royal" brand might present several problems in the future.

They have already used the term to trademark more than 100 items, according to the Evening Standard.

The royal couple is also developing it as a vehicle for all their future commercial activities. In his first appearance since "Megxit," Harry told the charity audience that he wanted to tell everybody the truth. He said that he was "taking a leap of faith" when he decided to step back as a royal. 

"With a clearer perspective, I want everyone to know that the U.K. is my home and I love it. Nothing will ever change that," Harry said with sincerity. This heartfelt remark came at a dinner for Sentebale, a charity he founded. 

It was hugely important for Harry and Meghan to keep their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as it is central to their commercial plans in the future. The couple has also applied for the "Sussex Royal" brand in December. 

Prince Charles will reportedly help fund the new life of Harry and Meghan from his investment income. However, they are looking at a review of the couple's financial arrangement after a couple of months. 

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