Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke the internet last Sunday during the 2020 SAG Awards when they reunited at the event, giving their die-hard fans a reason to believe that they belong in each other's arms. 

Fans are desperate to bring them together again, but four body language experts weigh in on the pair's true feelings toward each other

In a report by Page Six, body language expert Dr. Lilian Glass said that Aniston and Pitt's feeling "leaked out" despite the actress "trying to play it cool" around her ex-husband. Glass claimed that their love for each other "never died" because of the affection they showed.

"Even though Jennifer tried to be cool about everything and tried to be in control, you could tell that she pursed her lips and her eyebrows were knitted," Glass explained.

"But it leaked out, her feelings for Brad, there's no question about it. And vice versa, when they locked eyes, you felt it. The camera doesn't lie, the body doesn't lie, we picked it up, we got it."

Glass added that the feeling was "completely mutual" -- which makes the reunion even more beautifu. She pointed out that the two remain "completely connected." She added that the former couple were "in sync in one another's eyes."

On the other hand, another body language expert, Mike Carter, spoke on "This Morning" (via Daily Mail) and claimed that there was a strong sexual attraction from both sides. 

He even claimed that the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" actor was holding his award in a "phallic way" by holding it down low and pointing towards his ex-wife. 

"Nothing saggy about his SAG," the expert joked. 

When Pitt was intently looking at the screen as Aniston received her award, Carter has this to say about the actor: "When you're speaking your man, make eye contact all the time. When you're listening and you show genuine interest, you make eye contact all the time." 

Patti Wood, another body language expert, spoke to Oprah Magazine and said that people are not wrong when jumping to conclusions about the spark between Brad and Jen.

Wood claimed that Pitt and the former "Friends" actress are making a "deep connection" in the photo where Pitt's right hand clutches his award. 

"His award in his hand, but he holds it low, below his waist. What's important to him is her," Wood furthered. According to her, Pitt's action when he grasped the actress' right arm means "stay right here with me."

In Dr. Glass' analysis of the photos, she believes Aniston wanted to have that physical touch and communication with Pitt. 

"It was reciprocal. There was a lot of familiarity. They were not awkward with one another. They were connected," Glass added.

On the photo where Aniston "grimaces" at Pitt's speech about his wife troubles, she pulled the corners of her mouth down and kept her lips shut. 

This type of smile is a cross between a smile and a grimace. According to Glass, it suggests a "rueful acknowledgement by Jen of Brad's jokes."

Aniston also did a slow, raised clap, which ensured she was not looking happy about his comments but at the same time, showing support for her ex-husband's honesty. 

About their distance, body language expert Blanca Cobb spoke to Cosmopolitan and said that the two are leaving "so much room for Jesus."

This would only mean that Pitt is sensitive about being with other women, adding, "Maybe he's holding her wrist for affection, for friendliness, but also to keep some physical distance" because Pitt might not want people to misread what's happening."

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