One Direction may be slumbering for an extended period of time now after going through ups and downs. However, Louis Tomlinson reveals that he still has nothing but love for the band and his former band members.

On January 2016, the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus to allow all its members -- Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik -- to pursue other projects.

Their goodbye was not a good one, but despite all the problems they faced before, Tomlinson stated that he loves the members and everything they did together.

Letting his feelings out during his Rolling Stone interview, the "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" singer admitted that he still misses the members, and if they said otherwise, he knew that they would not be telling the truth.

"There's a big history of that, people coming out of bands and chatting s**t," Louis said. "I just think they just look so obvious. It's such a desperate attempt to try and get cool points. So I don't think it's authentic."

Moreover, Tomlinson expressed how happy he is that that are making good music individually. Moreover, the fact that they have different range of inspirations made him respect his former co-members and their decision even more.

Though it is still unknown if he has already reconciled with Malik, fans are still hopeful to see them reunite on stage sooner or later.

Tomlinson History With Malik

The 28-year-old singer did not mention any name in his Rolling Stone interview, but fans believe that seeing a One Direction get-together with Tomlinson and Malik is not yet possible.

In his interview with Metro last year, Tomlinson admitted that he still felt betrayed by everything that Malik did against the group after his departure. He also said that the former Zayn did not handle the entire situation as professional as possible.

"But never say never. Who knows? He chatted a lot of s*** in the early days. I thought One Direction was pretty good," Tomlinson went on.

Back then, welcoming Malik if they had a reunion was not one of the things Louis could honestly serve on the table. He also said he had no idea when he would be able to forgive or forget what Malik did as "he is not yet mature enough to provide a concrete answer."

Malik announced his departure from the popular boy band in 2015 due to stress. He also pointed out that he wanted to be able to relax and "have some private time out of the spotlight."

They appeared to be okay, but not until Malik dissed the group multiple times -- not once, not twice and not even thrice, but seven times!

In 2018, Louis called Malik a hypocrite for his song "Good Years." Since then, they exchanged tweets after tweets against each other, and none of the issues was resolved yet.

Because of this status of their friendship, some of their fans stopped hoping that the "Pillowtalk" singer would ever join the four members on stage again. 

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