Jessica Simpson promises to leave no secrets hidden as she released her memoir "Open Book."

Details of what could be a very controversial book have been obtained by RadarOnline ahead of its scheduled release on February 4, 2020. 

A significant part of Simpson's memoir talked about her relationship with her ex Nick Lachey. The "Take My Breath Away" singer opened up about the tumultuous divorce she and Lachey had to go through, revealing in her new book that she and ex-husband Lachey hooked up even after their split. 

What Ended Their Marriage

Simpson, who was first known as a singer, gained worldwide fame in 2002 with Lachey for their reality show "Newlyweds."

The actress, however, admitted that she was the one who decided to finally end their marriage. It was back in November of 2005 when she made the decision and filed for divorce. 

Simpson accused Lachey of keeping his eyes wandering around while married to her. She revealed in her memoir that Lachey begged for her to stay, but she told him she could not.

According to Simpson's narrative, Lachey refused to sign the divorce papers and asked her if they could try marriage counseling instead. When Simpson refused, Lachey broke down and begged her to stay, she claimed. 

While she was only 25 at the time and was also trying to figure things out for herself, she did not budge to the pleas of her now ex-husband. 

Their divorce was finalized in 2006, ending their marriage that only lasted for four years. 

Shocking Revelations

During the heat of their breakup, Lachey appeared in a documentary released in April 2006 about the making of his new album at that time. He took it as an opportunity to criticise his ex and claim he is the victim.

"I have seen him portray me as a bad person, casting himself as the victim," Simpson wrote.

The former boyband member also said that he left the door open for them to talk about fixing their relationship, but Simpson no longer wants to be involved with him.

"He then mentioned that the door was still open for us to get back together. I kept pulling the blanket up over my face to hide because [because] I felt so exposed. It was so disrespectful and [he] dragged me back into his orbit when I was just starting to leave it [the relationship]," Jessica furthered.

Simpson added that she got infuriated when Lachey came out to the public and "broke down in front of the world." Moreover, for Simpson, what was worse was that he made it seem as if she was responsible for the failure of their marriage and their eventual split. 

Simpson and Lachey have both moved on from the tragedy that was their marriage. However, the revelations in Simpson's memoir might open wounds that have not yet healed.

How will the "Open Book" affect their current state?  Simpson and Lachey might never get back together as a couple. Nonetheless, after the shocking revelations in this new memoir, it begs the question: will the ex-couple even find the reason to be friends again?

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