High-Quality lingerie may be a luxury for some. Still, it is essential to understand that aside from comfort and quality, this type of intimate clothing also boosts a woman's confidence.

Regardless if she will wear it for a date night or just a typical day in the office, lingerie instantly makes a woman feel sexy and embrace her inner goddess. Women can choose from a wide range of lingerie that will suit their personality. They can opt for leather, lace, cotton, silk, satin and more.

In today's generation, one of the most sought-after lingerie brand is the one made and endorsed by the OG social media queen, Kim Kardashian. Last year, the 39-year-old reality TV star launched her lingerie line called SKIMS, which has been raved by women due to its style and quality.

Recently, Victoria's Secret model Devon Windsor took to Instagram to show off her stunning physique while wearing SKIMS undergarment.


In the video, the 25-year-old model and vlogger could be seen wearing a tan brassiere and a dark brown bikini, which, according to her, "fits like a glove."

Devon raved about SKIMS and confessed how obsessed she is with Kim Kardashian's shape-enhancing intimate wear.

"Of course, I had to try on the new Kim Kardashian Skims line, which fits like a glove," Devon wrote on her Instagram story.

It looks like the supermodel just had a relaxing lymphatic body massage basing from the massage bed peeking from her background.

Devon showed how the SKIMS lingerie fits her perfectly by walking back and forth the mirror. She also played with the undergarments by snapping the bra strap and showing off the side part of the bikini.

Windsor completed her look with a gold necklace, her stunning engagement ring, and a few arm candy while keeping her blonde locks in a just woke up mess.

In a separate video, Devon boasted another piece from Kim Kardashian's line: an all-black bodysuit that compliments her curves.

"And this bodysuit," Devon wrote with a fire emoji, and tagging both Skims and Kim's Instagram account.

Devon, who has a close to 2 million followers on Instagram, indeed put her IG game to the next level, as the SKIMS founder noticed her shoutout and reposted her clips on her Instagram stories as well.

After giving her followers a close-up look to the luxury lingerie line, her maximum cleavage, and jaw-dropping toned abs, Devon also took time to answer some questions from her followers.

In her Instagram question and answer portion, Devon opened up about her insecurity of being the "tall girl" during her teenage years.

"Yes, I hated it!!" the 5-foot-11 model said when asked if she was ever intimidated by her height.

"I was super self-conscious and made fun of because I was so tall and skinny. All the cool girls were shorter. I was so envious," Devon furthered.

"With age, I guess I've realized what I look like shouldn't equal how 'cool' I was, and I learned to love and accept my body how I was. Then everything came together."

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