This is Kendall Jenner: a supermodel, certified Victoria's Secret angel, a fashion icon, and social media influencer. She is the second to youngest among the Kardashian-Jenner goddess siblings, the one that looks good in just about any piece of clothing.

Moreover, she is the ultimate charmer of men from different industries.

Fans have seen Kendall's simple, sexy and fierce side, but did you know she was once a sweet cheerleader back in her high school days? During her most recent appearance in "The Ellen DeGeneres" show, the 24-year-old supermodel had a major surprise as she was given a chance go back to her cheer leading roots and join the most talked about squad these days.

During her interview, Ellen first showed a candid photo of Kendall during her cheer leading days. According to the supermodel, her friends use the same awkward photo to embarrass her from time to time.

Talking about cheer leading, Kendall confessed that she is also one of the people infected by the "Cheer" fever and declared her love for the said Netflix documentary show.

"After I watch 'Cheer,' I was like I was definitely not this type of cheerleader," she joked.

The self-confessed huge fan of the show said she loves the whole squad and named the cheerleaders she loves the most, including Jerry and Morgan.

"I love Morgan," Kendall said, to which the 62-year-old replied: "I love Morgan, too!"

Ellen then called out Morgan Simianer from the backstage to surprise Kendall.

The supermodel, who was wearing a tan jumpsuit during her guesting, jump out of her seat and could not believe one of the OG Navarro College Cheer members is right in front of her. Kendall and Morgan exchanged a brief hug and took a minute to fan-girl about each other.

Aside from meeting Morgan in person, the Navarro Cheerleader also surprised Kendall with a gift: her very own Navarro cheer leading uniform.

"I have a surprise for you. One of our cheer uniforms for you, because girl you look good in everything," Morgan said.

Of course, an Ellen DeGeneres Show guesting would not be complete without a little challenge. The host then dared Kendall together with the show's executive producer Andy to learn some cheer routine from Morgan and her squad.

Kendall did a quick change to her new Navarro uniform, while Average Andy came out in full Navarro uniform from head-to-toe.

The Victoria's Secret model first showed off the moves that she got from her old cheer routine back in high school. Andy, on the other hand, showed off a clip of his performance with the Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders.

The Navarro team then proceed to teach Kendall a basic stunt called "thigh stand." She gladly accepts the challenge, so they lifted her in the air while Kendall extended her arms above her head like a real cheerleader.

"This is crazy!" Kendall exclaimed after hitting her high-V position.

Andy did the same stunt, but before being lifted, he joked: "I'm older, and my bones are brittler!"

Watch their fun "Cheer" challenge below:

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