On Friday, the world was shaken when Amanda Bynes posted a picture on Instagram, indicating that she was engaged.

In her post, the former Nickelodeon star didn't include a photo of her mystery partner's face, only his hand.

"Engaged to the love of my life," she captioned her photo. It showed her hand with the engagement ring and on top of her lover's hand in the picture.

Bynes didn't name the person she was marrying in that post, so fans were wondering who the lucky guy was in the comments section.

Because of the star's negative press came to light in the past, many fans are concerned about her post regarding the engagement.

Others even think that she is lying because they "swear" they have seen that same ring in the past.

One commenter on Instagram said, "Press on nails and fake ring. WTF."

Another one added, "She wearing the same ring in her previous upload from like last week???"

Yet another said, "With her, you never know! He/She could very well be married or not even exist."

However, there were fans who defended her.

A fan commented, "It doesn't say she just got engaged. It says she's engaged. Maybe she's been engaged for ten years now. Who knows."

The next day, the actress has finally put a face to the mystery man, posting a photo with the caption, "Lover" on her Instagram.

In the post, Amanda Bynes still didn't reveal her beau's name, but as per The Blast, his name is Paul Michael, who is believed to be in his 20s, and the two met while attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

After some serious questions and confusion, the news portal did confirm that the pair's engagement is legitimate.

They also reported that the two have been dating for several months now.

Paul's father is reportedly a prominent doctor in Los Angeles, and his brother has allegedly appeared in several reality TV shows on fixing cars.

In addition to The Blast's report, Bynes can't legally be married yet because she remains under the custody of her parents' conservatorship. It prevents her from entering into any contract - including a marriage license - without their approval.

The "Easy A" star's announcement marks a rare post on Instagram, as she has kept a relatively low profile over the past few years.

It is known that Amanda Bynes is a talented Hollywood child and teen star, but after her rise, comes her downfall.

Her reputation was quite tarnished.

In the past several years, she was arrested for hitting a police officer's car, was caught driving without a license, getting involved in a few hit-and-run accidents, causing a fire in a Californian driveway, and smoking marijuana.

But now, it looks like she's ready to move forward with her life as she is currently staying in a sober living house seven months after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in June 2019.

Bynes' engagement ring isn't the only thing she revealed on her Instagram or any social media accounts recently.

In December 2019, the "She's the Man" actress shared a photo showing her heart-shaped tattoo on the cheek and an alien emoji as a caption.

The ink seems to be permanent as it was featured in another selfie she shared last week.

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