Valentine's Day may be over, but love stays in the air as power couple Channing Tatum and Jessie J flooded their Instagram followers with a massive public display of affection on their respective social media accounts.

On Sunday, the "Flashlight" singer gave her 8.9 million Instagram followers a sneak peek of her typical night with her 39-year-old boyfriend, Channing.

In a series of Instagram story entries, the 31-year-old singer showed her followers how she and Channing get cozy on a chill date night at their spacious apartment.

The British pop icon was sporting a brown thick longline coat, while the "21 Jump Street" star donned an all-black winter ensemble paired with a baseball cap.

In the first video posted by Jessie, she and Channing defined the word "chill" as they lounge on the couch. They both slowly posed a peace sign before the singer zoomed in the camera to their faces. As they are about to kiss, Channing whispered something that made Jessie smile before they seal the clip with a romantic kiss.

On the continuation clip, the couple shamelessly exchanged kisses and looked at each other's eyes intently.

Seriously, this scene looks like it was taken straight out of a hit romantic-comedy film, the only difference is Channing and Jessie are not faking it!

But Jessie is not the only one in the mood for some PDA fest, as Channing also took to his Instagram account and showed the world how much he loves the singer and how they spend fun time together.

In a three-part series of Instagram stories, Channing showed his 17.9 million followers how his girlfriend dances to the tune of Sam Smith and Calvin Harris' "Promises."

Jessie unleashed her moves by losing herself to the music, throwing her head left and right and swinging her hips to the music. The Brit singer took advantage of the enormous space between the kitchen counter and the living room to twirl around and perform bigger dance steps.

Channing could be seen giggling as he films his girl's dance, and later on, he joined the impromptu Sam Smith dance party at home and banged his head in front of the camera.

The PDA did not stop there, as the two gets closer together and danced while they intently gazed at each other's eyes.

If that is not how the "look of love" looks like, we don't know what else is!

Channing captioned the dance party with: "@samsmith is the mood right now."

But wait, there's more! Channing unleashed his "Magic Mike" dance moves and gave Jessie a private show, which she is very generous to share with her Instagram followers.

The swooned Jessie could be heard giggling as Channing grooved and ended the clip with a slight-abs exposure.

These PDA clips come a few weeks after the news broke that the couple is back in each other's arms after spending almost two months apart.

A source told E! News that the two are giving their relationship another shot and are very happy to spend time together. The insider added that the split-up also made Jessie and Channing's relationship even stronger than before.

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