Kelly Ripa Raises Alarm on This Killer Health Condition


Kelly Ripa is a picture of good health. However, the talk-show host revealed that achieving the healthy body that she has now was (and still is) not a walk in the park. 

Much like anyone trying to stay fit and healthy, Kelly Ripa revealed that at 49, she is worried about her overall wellness. 

The "Live With Kelly and Ryan" host first tried her high-alkaline diet back in 2015 as a form of cleansing. It focuses on foods that have low acidity, such as vegetables like broccoli, beets and kale. She discovered how good it was for her body and that changed everything.

Great Killer of People

"I believe that inflammation is one of the great killers of people, in various ways. Whether it is digestive, brain inflammation, or heart health, inflammation really affects the body," Ripa said, via People

Ripa also highlighted that what people eat contributes to how their organs work. When they consume more meat, as most believe that it is the best source of protein, they are putting their overall health at risk.

Not all meat products are good for the body, and by eating more meat, people tend to put in more of the unhealthy type of fats in their bodies -- and it is where the problem begins. 

This is Ripa's reason why she chose to maintain her plant-based and alkaline-rich diet to prevent inflammation from affecting parts of her body. Interestingly, she feels the immediate benefits of the diet. 

By eating more vegetables, the 49-year old host said she feels lighter and healthier. Although the program has its own setbacks, Ripa emphasized that turning to her alkaline-rich diet has helped her achieve her ideal body weight and shape even at 50. 

Turning Vegetarian

The beginning of Kelly's transition to eating only plant-based meals was a bit challenging. It started out as a process of body cleansing. At that time, she felt the cleansing helped her become stronger and gave her more energy to exercise.

The television host revealed that it is only when one makes those changes in their lifestyle and diet that they will truly see the transformation. As she experienced, one will come to just "feel great" consistently.

Ripa looks and feels healthy from inside, and that is what truly matters. The host shared her secret diet because everyone is asking about how she is able to maintain her healthy physique despite her age. She knew she just had to tell people how they could get rid of the toxins in the body that causes body parts to get inflamed. 

The Setback

The diet plan that Kelly Ripa follows is highly reliant on plant-based foods. Although the diet plan has made her shed off some pounds and maintain her excellent physical shape, it has left her with a few stomach issues she needed to deal with. 

"I found out that because my diet is mainly plant-based, I constantly have to deal with reflux and indigestion. It is common for people who follow a plant-based diet to suffer from it because these food items do not easily digest. The body has to work extra hard to break it down," she said. 

Ripa sought expertise to help her deal with indigestion because of her new diet and luckily, she found another plant-based supplement that helps her deal with her concerns. 

The mother of three continues to do what she has always loved doing -- hosting and taking care of her family. She is in her best shape and is not worried about inflammation ever hitting her body again. 

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