The 'Fundamental Mistake' Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Made in Megxit -- REVEALED!


When everyone else thought that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's biggest mistake they ever committed was their decision to step down as senior royal members, they got it all wrong since it was only the tip of the largest part.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as part of their plans to become fully independent, built the Sussex Royal website, which comprises hundreds of products - from printed items and clothing to intangible services like charitable fundraising and social care.

However, they cannot continue enjoying the use of the words nor have the chance to trademark it anymore since Queen Elizabeth II will finally ban Prince Harry and Meghan from using them once they give up their positions this March.

What is The Fundamental Mistake They Made?

As soon as the news came out, the royal commentator Rowan Dean spoke up and believed that losing the title was the consequence the royal couple has to face.

According to Mr. Dean, their choice to give up their positions for the sake of independence and freedom boomeranged.

"It's all coming unstuck bit by bit because the fundamental mistake they made is they didn't understand the institution," the commentator said.

Even the Garter King of Arms and aide to the Queen, Thomas Woodcock, told The Times of London the caution he sent to Prince Harry and Meghan if they would continue using the term "royal."

"I don't think it's satisfactory. One cannot be two things at once. You either are a [royal] or not," Mr. Woodcock said, referring to the Sussex Royal brand. "It is such unusual times that this is a matter of waiting and seeing how things develop."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex planned to utilize the brand to expand their business even after they officially split from the monarchy. But since they overlooked what the monarchy could serve them, they acted like they could still enjoy the riches at no cost to themselves.

Royal watchers thought that Prince Harry, as a royal prince by birth, understood the institution already. But the Duke seemed to forget that the Royal Family's sole responsibility is to protect the constitution.

Mr. Dean Frustrated of Queen Elizabeth II

Though he acknowledged the Queen's effort to protect the Royal Family and the people of the U.K., he failed to miss the fact that Her Majesty's warning came a little late.

"She started off saying, 'you're going to lose the HRH.' Well, the HRH is what all the luvvies around the world desperately love about Meghan and Harry," Mr. Dean said.

The monarchy's requirement only included the following: discontinue using their His and Her Royal Highness titles, refrain from using a number of state funding they enjoyed before, and even return the massive funds from Sovereign Grant they spent to renovate their home at Frogmore Cottage.

The Buckingham Palace, after the ugly four-way-call, confirmed that they would keep their HRH style, but they will never be allowed "to use it in a professional capacity" - and they will only get to use it until March 31.

The royal commentator added that Her Royal Highness assured the two at that time that they could still get a hold of the Sussex Royal, but having the two use it when they are no longer serving the Crown was a "blatant attempt to capitalize on the monarchy."

"Make millions, potentially billions, off the monarchy while living in Canada - this is an absolute obscenity."

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