A writer and psychologist N.K Jemisin once said: "There is no great warrior than a mother protecting her child."

Over the weekend, actress Hilary Duff proved how much of a brave warrior she is and how she could go beyond to protect her children. The "Lizzie McGuire" actress confronted a seemingly random paparazzi, whom she accused of taking photos of her kids during a soccer game.

In a video she shared on Instagram on Saturday, Hilary could be seen walking in a massive field approaching an unknown man carrying a wide-lens professional camera.

The 32-year-old mom first asked the guy if he was accompanying someone and questioned his act of taking photos of children without their parents' permission.

When the man said that he was just alone, Hilary politely asked: "Can you stop taking pictures of kids, please?" to which the guy replied: "It's legal!"

The mother-of-two tried to explain that it is making her uncomfortable seeing a total stranger taking pictures of her kids, leading the paparazzi to offer to show his identification.

"I'm not asking for your ID. I'm asking to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children if you don't know anyone that's in here," Hilary said.

The paparazzi insisted that what he is doing is not against the law, which escalated their conversation to a pretty tense argument.

The man argued that he is only practicing photography and does not mean to scare the actress, saying, "Your paranoia is unwarranted. That's what I'm telling you."

The "Agent Cody Banks" star explained that she would just like to protect the privacy of her 7-year-old child and the rest of the innocent kids playing on the field.

"It's just an uncomfortably factor that these are 7-year-old children, and you don't have a child here!" Hilary said.

When the alleged paparazzi still stood on his ground, the actress went on and threatened him to post the video of their conversation.

"Okay. Then I will just post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you're choosing to do on a Saturday morning," Hilary said.

The paparazzi argued that he is the one feeling creepy, and before he could even finish his sentence, he blocked off the camera and cut the video.


Hilary shared the 1-minute and 25-seconds clip on her Instagram with a caption: "Paparazzi shooting KIDS. Go "practice" your photography on ADULTS! Creep!" noting that laws on taking photos of minors should be changed as it is disgusting.

Hilary's post now reached 1.6 million views and gained massive support from her fellow celebrities and moms who are praising her bravery to stand and protect her children.

One of the celebrity moms who backed Hilary's post is "Vampire Diaries" star Nikki Reed who said that the law should not allow paparazzi to make money out of children's photos.

"Not only is that morally wrong, but more importantly, in the process of making money off of little kid's private moments, these children grow up feeling unsafe," Nikki commented.

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