Chris Brown clearly has Rihanna in his mind lately, as Riri's ex-lover was seen leaving flirtatious comments on her social media posts.

However, when Rihanna recently celebrated her birthday and everyone was expecting an extra sweet greeting from him, Brown snubbed her. There was no greeting or even a flirtatious comment on her birthday.

What is he really trying to say now?

All About Her

The last couple of months have been quite confusing for their fans. The flirting between Rihanna and Chris Brown has got everyone talking. Is Brown trying to win Rihanna back? Is the "Diamonds" singer moving on from her breakup with her ex? 

When Chris did not reach out to her on her birthday, everyone got even more confused. But when pressed why he did not greet Rihanna, the "With You" singer reportedly wanted the day to be "all about her."

"It is her day and it should be about her, plain and simple," a source of Hollywood Life revealed.  "Chris is really just happy doing his own thing and is focused on his kids, Annika Harris, and his career at the moment."

The source went on to say that Chris is really in a good place right now and he is sure that Rihanna is, too. The two have been living separate lives for a long time already, and it is what it is.

Both Chris and Rihanna have moved on from their relationship.

The statement from the source seemingly implied that if Brown reached out to Rihanna on her birthday, everyone will be talking about them and not her. It is her birthday, so she deserved all the attention.

Did She Party to Forget the Pain?

Another insider in the Chris-Rihanna relationship revealed how Rihanna felt when he did not reach out to her on her birthday.

"Christ didn't call her or what and that's OK. Chris should never feel obligated to because Rihanna did not expect birthday wishes from him," the insider said.

Furthermore, the source pointed that if both Chris and Riri were in the same room together, they would be cool and friendly to each other. Nonetheless, they are not going to be in frequent contact or will they be in contact for the holidays or birthdays.

"It is just not the kind of relationship that they have anymore," the insider told Hollywood Life.

The source also revealed that the two hope the best for each other, but they have a million other things to do. "There are just so many things going on in their lives. It is just the way it is," the source added. 

Rihanna spent her birthday as a single lady would. She partied hard with her friends on her actual birthday while on vacation in Mexico. 

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