Rihanna Slams 'Impatient' Fans: ‘You Don’t Know Anything!’

Rihanna will not be rushed. Fans should consider what a hectic year this has been for the singer who is also a beauty mogul.

Fenty has been very busy this year. There's Fenty Beauty makeup and Savage X Fenty lingerie line. She also launched a self-titled autobiography with never-before-seen photos.

So yes, when she meant she was struggling with work-life balance, she really meant it that way. Fans were giddy with excitement thinking that "Balance" would be RiRi's ninth album, also dubbed by fans as the R9 Album.

Apparently, some fans had enough of the wait and kept nagging the star about it. To which RiRi claps back: "They don't understand the inside bits of how [releasing an album] works."

The Cryptic Post

BadGalRiRi took to social media to apologize to her friends, family and co-workers for not being able to spend time with them lately. She added that these past months, she is yet to get back to many of her colleagues and loved ones.

It is all "Work 5x" for the Barbadian singer, who revealed it has been an overwhelming year. Now here is the part where some thought had a double meaning: "I'm working on that ish called Balance, brb."

Some jumped to the conclusion that hey, R9 Album could be entitled "Balance."


Did RiRi just tease her upcoming album?

Jahleel Weaver, stylist and Fenty Junior Creative Director commented on the post demanding for the album. To which Rihanna fires back: "Don't need this kinda negativity! BLOCKT"

Of course she was joking with her stylist, but it may have also been directed at those who are impatient over her album.

What Is Her Next Album Like?

The 31-year-old singer assured her fans that there will be an album. She is, in fact, working on it at the moment.

But, BadGirlRiRi also revealed that it's not as easy as before. She used to just lock herself up in the studio and immerse herself in creating music. Now she has her businesses to attend too. There's just so much creativity going on in RiRi's head!

The "We Found Love" singer revealed that she is swaying from pop and R&B songs and is leaning towards reggae-inspired music.

While it will be a typical reggae music as it is known, Rihanna confirmed that her next album will have a strong feel of reggae on all the tracks.

Rihanna Will Never Cut Off Music

The beauty mogul's schedule has ramped up over the holidays, with back-to-back launches of new lingerie, breast cancer awareness advocacies, and the latest makeup kits.

But music would always be the language that connects her to the world. Rihanna opened up about her commitment to release new music. She added that music was her first entrance into the world she now lives in.

To forget about making music would feel like cutting off her communication to the world. For her, it is the foundation of her work. Every other aspect where she is flourishing stems from her being a singer first.

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