Harry Styles opened up for the first time about the horrifying knifepoint robbery incident he encountered this February.

Styles appeared in an interview on the Today Show where he briefly recalled what happened to him on the midnight of Valentine's day. He assured his fans that he is doing okay.

"I'm okay, thanks, thank you. Thanks for asking," the 26-year-old "Sign of the Times" singer told the host Carson Daly before promoting his upcoming Love On Tour.  

The theft incident indeed left Styles scared and petrified that it took him days before he broke his silence about it.

The event was first reported by the Mirror Online, saying that the "To Be So Lonely" singer was in Hampstead in North London when the robbery happened.

One source claimed that they saw the singer keeping himself and the suspect calm as Styles gave him cash.

"Understandably though it left him very shaken up afterward," the source said.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the rumpus on the night in question.

"Officers were contacted on Saturday, 15 February regarding the incident which happened at 23.50hrs on Friday, 14 February," a spokesperson said. "It was reported that a man in his 20s was approached by another man and threatened him with a knife."

According to the police, the former One Direction member was left uninjured after he handed over an indeterminate amount of cash to the robber. No arrest has been made since then.

Harry in Trauma?

Four days after the ordeal, the media personality stood still and attended the 40th annual BRIT Awards that week.

He was nominated for best male solo artist and best album but lost both awards to rapper Stormzy and Dave, respectively. But still, Styles successfully performed an emotional rendition of his ballad song "Falling" at the 02 arena during the awards night.

But the highlight of his appearance was the attendance of the bodyguard he shares with Mick Jagger for some A-lister level protection.

A source told The Sun that the singer was already on "great form" at the Brits even when the incident was still fresh. However, they also noticed the guard he brought to the event.

"But we did notice his bodyguard was with him that evening," the insider confirmed. "That's understandable given that he was mugged so recently and has been the victim of a stalker in the past."

Styles might still be having a hard time processing what just happened. However, his fans only wish that it will not happen again in the future.

Victimized, Again!

Previously, Harry also suffered harassment from a homeless person, 26-year old Pablo Tarazaga-Orero. The man was convicted in October 2019 for stalking the star.

The homeless man reportedly posted notes and coins through Style's letterbox and even followed him to a local bar four times a week.

In the same month, district judge Nigel Dean banned Tarazago-Orero from going within 270 meters of Styles or his home.

"You're not to contact directly or indirectly Harry Styles, including posting any messages on any social media platforms," the judge additionally warned.

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