Hailey Baldwin Smells Like Who? Ariana Grande Apparently!

​Fans are lucky if they accidentally bump into their favorite celebrity and find out how they smell. For Hailey Baldwin's fans, Justin Bieber got their back and did the job for them!

As Justin starts to reappear in front of the camera again after going on a hiatus, he recently made a cameo on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on its March 3 episode.

The "Yummy" hitmaker appeared on the show's Burning Questions segment where he revealed that Hailey, his wife, smells like "Ariana Grande's perfume."

"She smells good," the 26-year-old singer said while grinning. "It's a good smell. It's like flowery and fruity, and it's like good."

In response to Justin's burning answer to DeGeneres, Ariana took the interview as a compliment and reposted the black and white version of the clip on her Instagram page.

"I kno das right," Ariana wrote in the caption alongside a sunglasses emoji.

Fans Got Curious, Too!

As soon as the show uploaded the interview online, many Beliebers shared their reaction and how they badly want to smell like Ariana, too.

One fan said, "do u wanna know one fact. If u have Ariana's perfume u smell like Hailey queen Bieber."

"Heading to the store to smell every Ariana Grande perfume out there. Brb," another one wrote.

But Hailey Hates Something About Her Husband...

Although Hailey the wifey got showered with another compliment from Justin, he still could not make her forget about his facial hair.

In the same Ellen episode, the host asked her visitor if he will ever grow the controversial mustache again.

In response, the "Never Say Never" singer said: "I hope so, eventually. But right now, I'm going to keep it clean because my wife, she's not really liking it."

DeGeneres, however, bet on it and claimed that the "clean" image of Justin would not last long.

Although Justin feels like he is rocking it with his mustache, Hailey is the number one person who is wholly against him having the facial hair. In fact, Mrs. Bieber even said said she "cannot stand" seeing him with it.

Even before he married Hailey, Justin sported a similar look in the past. Back in 2018 Hailey already disapproved Justin's facial hair by replying to a comment from her now-husband's longtime road manager, Ryan Good.

Good supported Bieber having the mustache and encouraged him to grow more. However, the then-soon-to-be Mrs. Bieber stood up and said, "don't u dare give him that idea you lunatic."

Justin Cannot Live Without It?

Justin recently responded to his fans and followers on social media who continuously criticize him for his hairy, scruffy upper lip before shaving it off.

Through the Instagram meme account @dudewithsign, the singer stood beside the Instagram user and lifted a cardboard sign.

Seth -- the meme guy from @dudesign -- raised his note that says, "Justin shave your mustache." Beside him was the news target, Justin, who held a sign with the word "No" written on it.

Despite all the flaws Justin and Hailey have, it is nice how they overlook those things to focus on what is more important.

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