Prince Harry Scared of Queen Elizabeth II? Expert Thinks So!

Did stepping down from his royal duty make Prince Harry 'subservient' to the Queen? That is one expert is saying.

According to an expert analysis of the Commonwealth Day service held on March 9, where Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry appeared in the public together for the first time since "Megxit," the two may look as if there is nothing wrong. In reality, however, a lot is going on -- particularly on the Prince's part.

According to an  expert, a close scrutiny of the Queen and Harry's body language can tell people a lot. How they move (or not move!) can reveal so much of the true feelings of the royals. Their words may not always be true, but their bodies do not lie.

The expert, Patti Wood -- who is the author of "Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma" -- spoke with Marie Claire magazine to reveal what she saw and found out.

She particularly focused on the moment when Queen Elizabeth walked up to take her front-row seat at the said important ceremony. At this time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were already standing in the row behind.

Even though Markle was all smiles, the Prince looked fine and the Queen appeared unperturbed, looking down and not at them, the whole scene has a whole lot of story to tell.

First, the expert claimed that Markle was only the genuine one among them. Her smile is not fake or anything. "I would say that's fairly genuine because it's made along with eye contact," says Wood. "If you look at her hand, she's holding on to the paper, but you notice how relaxed her fingers are and how open the fingers are," Wood added. 

The expert also said how Markle hold her paper shows that she is fine about the whole thing.

Harry, however, is a different story altogether. The expert noticed that the Prince's head is downcast. Harry is also trying to look at his grandma and appeared a bit concerned. 

"It's more you wouldn't know he's the grandson in that photo-you would think he was some sort of subservient in a greater way," the expert explained. "It shows a change in his status, his feelings." 

It is not necessarily bad, but it was quite telling of how Harry has changed in light of all the things that have happened.

Whether or not the expert is right in saying the Prince now feels scared or subservient to the Queen, remains to be seen. What is recently reported is that this is hardly the last time the two will see each other. At present, it can still be said that both sides are trying to maintain their ties to each other. Royal titles aside, they are family, after all.

According to the Sunday Times, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will one day head back to the U.K. with baby Archie in tow so that the Queen can see her grandson. Baby Archie was not with parents on these last royal engagements because he was being protected against the coronavirus

A source then shared to E! News that the couple and their kid will be spending time with the Queen at Balmoral in Scotland this summer. The Queen extended the invite herself, and the two already consented to the invitation.

Recently, it has been reported that Megxit hurts the Queen and the Palace more than people think, because it left a void

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