Presley Gerber has the best response for the critics who called him out for the face tattoo he debuted a few months back. Instead of having it removed or something, he gave critics the other cheek to spite about.

He just got inked (again!). 

On Tuesday, the son of supermodel Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber has the logo of the Los Angeles Dongers tattooed on his left cheek. The logo design was drawn inside of a star. 

"Colorblind," Gerber wrote in his post. It came with a black and white selfie showing off his new tattoo. What was also notable in his post was the first face tattoo he had that drew flack, but he could not care less. 

(Photo : Presley Gerber Instagram)

"Misunderstood" was the first face tattoo that got Presley Gerber on the headlines. 

Although people are quite used to celebrities getting tattoos in various parts of their bodies, what Presley got was something out of the ordinary. In February, the young star almost broke the internet when he showed off his new ink.

This time, he got one inked on his right cheek. Everyone who saw it was left wondering what statement was he trying to make. The famous tattoo artist to the stars Jonathan "Jonboy" Valena was the artist that brought to life Presley Gerber's idea of an exciting new addition to his tattoo collection. 

Gerber was happy to share the painful process on social media. 

"Thanks, homie," he wrote on the video caption referring to Jonboy. 

Seemingly poking fun at the placement of the new tattoo, the artist replied, "Sorry mom."

Since Gerber had the first tattoo done, the model has become a subject to much criticism from his followers. Some were too quick to say they admire him for the courage. Others were very vocal about their disapproval. The comments section of his post comes with a long list of mixed emotions. 

Gerber also took it to social media to address the negative comments. 

"Most and a lot of people can get a facelift, change genders, lip injections, etc and it's offensive to say anything in today's day in age but I get a little face tattoo and now people love to hate me..hmmm," Gerber posted on his Instagram stories. 

Shortly after, in a candid Instagram live post, the star confronted his critics saying, "I just wanted to come on here and be like, if anyone has s--t to say to me about this or anything else and my family or how I grew up or anything," he said. "I will give you my address, I promise, and you can come to say it to my face."

According to "Page Six," the young star reportedly told the viewers that if he did not like what he did to his face, he would not have gotten the tattoo, to begin with. "That's a pretty obvious thing," Gerber said. 

After the unveiling of his second face tattoo, Cindy, Rander, not his sister Kaia Gerber have not given a comment on his tattoo, at least not publicly. However, a source close to the family revealed that the supermodel and her Tequila mogul husband are definitely worried about their son. 

"They truly want to make sure that he is okay," the source said. 

The source added that the family recognizes the fact that Presley might need help again. "He has been in treatment before, but they are pushing for something more serious," the insider exclusively told "E-News!"

The source added that the family has been concerned about Presley since his arrest for DUI in 2019. "They want to make sure that he is in a good mental state." 

Everyone is closely watching him. 

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