How To Be the Ultimate 'Soft Girl': 5 Products from Amazon You Should Have!

According to, soft girl is a fashion style that is now popular among girls in social media. 

The persona originally originated from the famous social media platform TikTok. 

There are videos of girls filming in their bedrooms that partake in TikTok's #softgirlchallenge which started last year and as of writing, has over 1.5 million views. 

In these video challenges, girls morph from grunge outfits and moody facial expressions into big smiles, pink and feminine outfits, playful hairstyles, lots of glitter, and girly makeup.

Although the style has been around for a while, it was only last year that these components have truly merged into the latter-day manic pixie dream girl. 

Soft girls are in between what many call VSCO girls and e-girls. 

But what's the difference between the three? 

Soft girls are the newest aesthetic of Gen Zs who give off that ethereal, dreamy vibe. They are the polar opposite of e-girls. 

E-girls are a different specie of girls. according to the Urban Dictionary, they are emo people who are also on TikTok but also spend time on Tumblr. They also wear girly makeup but their outfits are usually long-sleeve, striped shirts. They wear edgier outfits than the VSCO girls.  

VCSO girls are those who wear Puka shell necklaces and scrunchies, own a Hydro Flask canister and Birkenstock sandals. They also love trendy Boho bedroom themes, often posing there. 

These are usually young girls who post trendy pictures of themselves, more likely edited on the popular photo editing app, VSCO. 

Not all can look like Ariana Grande and not get people staring at them on the streets. Ariana Grande is the epitome of a soft girl.

For practicality purposes, it's best to wear toned-down versions of this look to school or in daily life. 

However, if you're going to be on TikTok in your bedroom all day, then it's worth it to go full out and extremely "camp."

Ready to fully embrace the look? Here are our top five picks:

Pink Plaid Skirt

If you've watched "Clueless," you will know that the protagonist's entire wardrobe has a lot of plain in it. Soft girls love a pink plaid skirt

It can be worn with a pink top or any light-colored top. 

(Photo : Amazon)

Plain White Sneakers 

clean white sneaker is the perfect accessory to an all-pink ensemble. You'll never go wrong with classic platform sole sneakers.

Platform White Sneakers
(Photo : Amazon)

Oversized Denim Jacket

The oversized denim jacket is the perfect "it" accessory for all year long. 

To add to your soft girl look, make sure you choose a light-wash jacket instead of dark ones, so it can give off easy breezy vibes. 

Denim Jacket
(Photo : Amazon)

Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies have made a big come back last year thanks to the 90s look. For the soft girl look, always make sure you have pastel or light-colored scrunchies that is right up the vibe's alley. 

(Photo : Amazon)

Pastel Pink Temporary Hair Dye

For soft girls, it's pink hair, don't care. To show that you are extremely committed to the aesthetic, dye your hair pastel pink with a temporary hair dye. 

Temporary Pink Hair Dye
(Photo : Amazon)

If you're looking for something that would last longer, then go for semi-permanent hair dyes. 

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