Miley Cyrus Admits How VMAS 2013 Memes TRAUMATIZED Her!

Miley Cyrus rode out the storm she was put in back when her VMAS 2013 performance with Robin Thicke caught the ire of many. She is now speaking up about what it really did to her and her esteem as a person -- as a kid. 

These days, when coronavirus calls for people all over the world to sit still in their homes and quarantine themselves against a deadly virus spreading quickly, Miley is doing her part by bringing some light to her fans through Instagram Livestream. The stream is aptly called "Bright Minded."

In Tuesday's episode, however, things got a bit dark when she and long-time friend and fellow child-star Demi Lovato decided to talk about some body image issues they had while growing up.

Cyrus decided to share the shaming she went through after the VMAs 2013 performance. Seven years might have passed and Cyrus seemed unfazed by it all, but it appears now that she was truly affected after all. Enough for her to still remember what happened to her after that performance like a real traumatic experience would. 

Miley shared she was compared to a turkey and it certainly did some damage to her ego as a young girl. 

"I basically went through two or three years where I wouldn't wear shorts. I stopped wearing skirts on stage, all this s***, because after the VMAs and I had on my cute new bodysuit, everyone started comparing me to a turkey," Cyrus revealed. "I was like just so skinny and so pasty and they kept putting me next to this turkey, and I was feeling so bad about myself that I did not wear a bikini for like two years."

It can be remembered that on that performance, she was wearing a fuzzy bodysuit and a set of a latex underwear. People took offense with that and the fact that she was singing and dancing with Robin Thicke.

It was one of her best-known performances to date and "twerking" even became a thing afterwards. Notably, not for all the good reasons. People were simply mean.

Even though it was a career-changing performance and she appeared carefree, it does not mean she was not hurt by all the judgements she received after. 

"No one thought that that would've ever made me feel some type of way," Cyrus said of the memes created to ridicule and mock her. "It was just really really hurtful to be so body-shamed like that. And it really affected me in my personal life."

But it was not just the stupid comments that made her feel bad. It's the fact that she suddenly found that she cannot practice what she was preaching. According to her, her brand was all about being true to oneself, unapologetically and for a while, kids and adults looked up to her because of this. However, after the body shaming, she has to appear strong and uncaring when deep inside, she's hurting and admittedly, feeling insecure.

On the one hand, she has to portray being the "most confident girl on the planet." On the other hand, she's feeling "kind of fraud" because she was doubting of herself. She cannot even wear bathing suits or leotards without "four pair of tights" just to feel a bit safer and secure, she shared adamantly. 

Looking back,  she is not exaggerating. She was indeed ridiculed left and right, as if she's no longer the "Hannah Montana" breakout artist that literally had dads racing in heels just to get tickets to her concerts, for their kids who simple adored Cyrus. She grew up and suddenly, made out to be this girl who needs to be tamed by shaming.

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