During this trying time when everyone's health is at risk, it is indeed best to keep the family in the house. It is the much-needed family time that everyone can take advantage of. Perhaps the only challenge for parents at this time is how they could get their kids to remain productive. 

Although it can be tempting to make them sit in front of the television or play with their gadgets all day long, parents know that these activities can be counterproductive. So what can parents make their kids do while on home quarantine?

The lure of technology can be tempting at times, but if you are looking at making your kids busy yet productive, then here are some ideas from Amazon that you can definitely try:

Jenga Classic Game

The Jenga Classic Game is very easy to play that even children aged three years old can participate with the whole family.

This pull-out block game requires its players to pull out the block of wood without crashing the whole stack. Each box includes 54 blocks of Jenga, a stacking sleeve and a paper for instructions. It is solid, simple, and timeless. The whole family can enjoy a game of Jenga. 

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

This game is perfect for families who want to spend some quality time together. It challenges everyone's hand and eye coordination.

Each pack includes 24 game rods, a wooden base, four rods for the frame, colored dye, and a wooden connector. It 's an exciting balancing game that every family must-have. Each game comes with a number of developmental benefits for kids, including hand and eye coordination, interpersonal skills, cognitive skills, and the exceptional chance to play without using the screen as an option.

It definitely deserves a gold star when it comes to child play. 

Chairs and Ladders Suspend Family Game

Toys need not be boring for the kids to play. In fact, the challenge for every toymaker is how they could suspend time and allow the kids to simply enjoy every moment they spend with their toys.

Here's another toy that promises to provide that and a whole lot more. The chairs and stairs suspension game challenges the kids to strike a balance while each piece is put on top of another. It can be played as a team or an individual. For families, it is best to pair up!

Quick Cups, Match 'N' Stack Family Game 

Are you looking for a memory game that requires more than just finding a pair? Then this is the perfect game for your kids and the rest of the family, too.

The challenge is to create the stack shown on the card as quick as lightning. Not only will your reflexes be put to test, but it is also a creative addition to every family game night. Race to match what is on the stack and see where it goes. Divide the family and build teams. The secret is memory and speed!

Toy Pal STEM Toys 

Can stacking blocks be any more fun? If you have a kid who loves to build Legos, then this is the game you can give him or her at this time.

The game exposes kids to activities that will teach them to have good mechanics, not to mention that it improves their imagination and creativity. The colorful parts that the toy comes with makes it perfect for young kids. 

The gift of time does not come often. Although the coronavirus pandemic puts everyone at risk, it also provides families with more time to spend together. With these toys and a whole lot of creative ideas in mind, there are certainly more ways to enjoy life while on quarantine at home. 

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