Andy Cohen Shares How Painful Coronavirus Could Be: It's Gutwretching!


Andy Cohen is not having a swell time with coronavirus, which is quite expected. However, he did not expect it to be this hard.

The host is having a hard time combatting COVID-19. Not because he is dealing with all sorts of "horrible symptoms" working their way through his body, but because he is in complete isolation while trying to recover.

This means not seeing his son for a while, which is gut-wrenching for him, on top of all the body aches and pains that he is experiencing. 

In an appearance on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live on Tuesday, Cohen shared his current state after testing positive for COVID-19. He is presently in quarantine and not feeling good at all. However, his pains are more than just the physical.

He admitted that he is having a harder time dealing with the separation from his young child in this harrowing time. "I'll tell you what I know from the nanny cam and from video because I can't see him, which is the very worst part," he said about his 13-month-old boy, Benjamin.

The only bright side about this situation is that his child is healthy, and his nanny has tested negative for the dreaded virus, as reported by People Magazine.

Cohen claimed that his symptoms are no joking matter. The symptoms are horrible, and he is barely coping because he keeps worrying and missing his son. He joked though that because he mostly lacked appetite, he shed several pounds in the process. 

Last Friday, after several celebrities already made waves with their coronavirus positive diagnosis, Cohen joined their fray, sadly. Like the others, he chose not to hide or lie about his condition because doing so can put not just himself at risk but also others. His announcement of the negative news came just after it was reported that he would be taping his show "Watch What Happens Live" at home. 

However, upon knowing his condition, he quickly said that this project would have to be halted for a while. Instead, he's going to just focus on getting better first. He shared that before getting his positive result, he spent a few days of self-quarantine because he was not feeling great.

He then thanked all the medical frontliners working round the clock for all people, whose best contribution to the crisis is to just stay at home.

Prior to finding out he is positive with coronavirus, Cohen on his "Andy Cohen Live" was already an advocate of social distancing and staying at home. He said he had been barring people from visiting him at home or have friends over.
His neighbor has coronavirus, and before knowing that he has it too, he helped his neighbor get groceries and other necessities. He gave these to the neighbor by just living them at the porch. 

When lockdown was announced, the host claimed that his original plan was to just bunker down with his son and nanny for two weeks. However, these cozy plans cruelly changed because of his diagnosis, and now he cannot see his son for a while.

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