For Real? Influencer Licks Pubic Toilet Seat, Tests Postive For Coronavirus

While most people are making an effort to stick to the new government rules to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, some people are using the COVID-19 as an excuse to have more social media followers.

The Coronavirus Challenge involves people on TikTok licking random objects, including toilet seats, grocery store produce, door handles, and other random objects.

As of Tuesday, one internet influencer named Larz, with the Twitter handle @GayShawnMendez from California, had recently launched the stunt on his TikTok account.


The 22-year-old shared the nauseating clip on Twitter with the caption, "RT to spread awareness for the coronavirus."

Days after posting a video of himself licking it, the TikTok personality has reportedly tested for coronavirus.

He uploaded another video for the fans where he seems to be in a hospital bed. The caption reads, "I got diagnosed with coronavirus."

Larz, who is known as an internet prankster, was also the same personality who had earlier licked an ice cream in a grocery store and replaced the tub in a challenge last year.

While it is unsure if Larz was afflicted with the disease because of his stunt, a study reveals that the disease can stay on surfaces of copper for up to four hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours and plastic and steel for up to 72 hours.

Toilet Seat Challenge

The toilet seat challenge first emerged early this month when TikTok user Ava Louise filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat as well.

She did the challenge while she was flying to Miami and uploaded the footage on her TikTok account on March 14.


"Please repost this so people can know how to be sanitary on the airplane properly," she captioned the video.

But the 21-year-old wasn't bothered by the backlash she received from people, especially to what "The View" host Meghan McCain tweeted to "Put her ass in jail."

The desperate-for-fame "skinny legend" reportedly also wants to cough on Dr. Phil after he criticized her for bizarre viral upload.

"I'll pull up an I'll cough on you," said Ava, to which the psychologist replied by calling her "spoiled" and "entitled." She has already been on the show recently, and when asked by Dr. Phil if she infects one person who suddenly lost their life, "is it worth it for you to have this attention?"

To which she answered, "Yeah."

Ava Louise addressed more of her haters in another video, claiming that she "doesn't care" if the internet cancels her because she is "blonde, rich and skinny."

She added, "I can recover from anything because of hot girl privilege."

However, in an interview with the Miami Herald, Ava said she "trolled America" because it was actually "a clean toilet seat on a sugar daddy's plane."

Ava was also sure that she does not have coronavirus because she feels "hot, rich and iconic" and continued that "if those are the symptoms of corona, then I'm ill."

Luckily, while it is labeled as the Coronavirus Challenge, it does not appear to be copied by other TikTok users, as per the New York Post.

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