Prince Harry Can Become a US Citizen for Meghan Markle? Easily! But Should He?

The British is reportedly going to be livid once more at Prince Harry if this scenario pushes through. But can they really blame Prince Harry?

Many feathers will be ruffled in the UK if Prince Harry already showed that living the American dream is something he PERMANENTLY wants. 

According to the Telegraph, it will be easy for Harry to be granted diplomatic status, which is the route for him to get a green card in the United States. Despite stepping down from senior royal roles, Harry is still Prince Harry so it would not that be impossible for him to get the diplomatic status. In fact, it will be without any issue.

All he would have to do is just classify himself as a British diplomat and then apply as a prestigious businessman that have so much to offer in the United States. Doing that gives him diplomatic status on the basis that he is an "alien with extraordinary abilities." 

Once he get his diplomatic status, getting the green card next is easy as 1-2-3. One, he would just have to secure letters of recommendations from past colleagues. This, Harry can certainly get, and from the likes of former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama too!  Two, if not through the letters of recommendation, he could just go for the marriage route. This is another easy path, since Markle is originally a US citizen.

If he takes this option, he would just need to prove his marriage to Markle. This is laughable considering half of the world knows that they are married and have went through so much as a married couple. And three, he just have to secure affidavits from friends and show joint expenses with Markle. This is not that hard for him to do, either.

If and when he gets his green card, he can also apply to be a US citizen. If he wants to, and if he can brave the anger that this action can cause among the Brits, that is.

According to an expert though, Prince Harry might really love to become a US citizen because her mom, Princess Diana used to have a big California dream.

At present, Harry can already live out his mother's dream of moving to Malibu once he and Markle make the decision to settle in the wealthy California neighborhood. The two have reportedly viewed a @20 million mansion in Malibu already. The massive property have a pool and a tennis court.

It is located near the Tuscan-style villa that Dodi Fayed purchased before he died in 1997. According to a former royal butler, Princess Diana was already planning to move here just so she could escape the harrowing experiences the British press subjected her to - but she died too.

Even though it is not that near to central LA, where most of the future engagements the two will have are likely to take place, Malibu offers quiet and privacy like no other. This is why famous people who need a place to hide from the world opted to have a place here. Examples are Cindy Crawford, Courteney Cos and Patrick Dempsey. Leonardo DiCaprio himself is a residet here.  

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