Lady Gaga's interview with Jimmy Fallon over a video call must have been hard to watch. One would not personally know who to feel sorry for - Gaga because it was so painful to watch her struggle with a million things while talking to Fallon and be unaware that she's on television, or Fallon because he was the one technically being ignored. 

Ever since the coronavirus crisis, Fallon had been continuing with his "The Tonight Show" from home. Since most television shows, if not all, that have live audiences have been canceled, this is the next best alternative. On April 1, the guest is none other than Lady Gaga, but the interview did not go as planned. In fact, all the things that could have gone wrong, gone wrong and culminated in Gaga just jumping off their call. Talk about awkward?

What Happened To Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" with Lady Gaga

In the said interview, Gaga seemed to have forgotten she's talking to a TV host. She did not bother going into a quieter place or at least give Fallon her entire attention for the time being. Instead, she was distracted and kept talking to her assistants, obviously not thinking she's on television. 

Lady Gaga might have found it too hard to juggle all things that she just told him, "I just can't talk right now!" and dropped the call.

Fallon on his part, under present circumstances - doing home interviews that is - appeared to be high-spirited that night. He excitedly said "Hi! Lady Gaga!" once the connection got through and then showed his phone to the screen for his viewers. 

Gaga was dressed and made up for the interview, though. She can be seen wearing smart makeup and had on her dark-rimmed glasses on Fallon's phone. She also greeted the viewers. 

Fallon then asked her, "you have a big, maybe announcement you're going to say tonight on our show?" This is when the whole interview started to fall apart. 

Did Lady Gaga Insult Jimmy Fallon on Air?

"I can't Jimmy. I, uh, can't talk right now. I'm sorry. It's just a really, really weird time," she answered. Fallon turned the screen away from him to face the camera, which Gaga questioned. "Hello? Jimmy I can't see you," she exclaimed then asked "Am I on TV?" "Yeah, you're on TV. I apologize," Fallon said.

It's possible that Lady Gaga did not really know that she had an interview slated that night, given the fact that she asked if she's on television. 

However, when Fallon pressed her for some details on that "something big" she's working on, Lady Gaga just said she cannot expound on anything because she's still ironing out the details and have thousand of phone calls to make still. She was obviously agitated by it all and asked the people around her if "Friday would be better."

She then told Fallon she could do Friday instead. While the host agreed, he did look bewildered by what was happening. It probably took him a second to realize that Gaga was brushing him off - on television! 

Gaga explained, though, that it was for COVID-19 and apologized. Fallon then made sure the audience would not feel slighted by showing a cut where Gaga said she could do Monday instead. 

Fallon then just went back to his game face and game voice and explained a reschedule is made. It does not appear that he was insulted, but fans were saddened by what transpired. 

Azaria Moana, said "Lol I forwarded to the part with Lady Gaga and... now I'm sad." Another joked. Phú Trần said, "The phone was ringing alot and she's kinda busy.... so there gonna be Telephone p.2." 

Did any outright insulting happened? Watch the video and decide:


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