Instagram photos that comedian Amy Schumer posted on the 29th of November of last year ended up as grounds for a lawsuit.

This is according to an article written by Mark Gray.

As the Daily Mail specifies, these were two paparazzi photos taken of herself together with her now 11-month-old son.

A copyright infringement was filed by a photographer based in New York City who claimed that the actress had no rights to the pictures.

This is according to a report by E! News released last Thursday.

In an article by Anoushka Pinto, she explains with the sudden increase of the use of social media tons of creatives have been having issues with their works being stolen.

However, the law is on their side, as there are strict copyright laws in place against people who violate this.

And, the stand-up comedian is no exception.

What Amy Schumer's Photo Looked Like

The photo contained Amy and Gene and was shot outside their house in New York City.

Schumer had worn a gray sweatshirt which had the printing "Plus Size Brain".

She then went on and told her fans that it was available for purchase in her website for only 30 USD.

She was pushing her son's stroller while walking around New York City

The image can't be found on Amy's Instagram account since it was taken down.

The Photographer Who Sued Schumer Over Her Own Pictures

It was on April 7 that the court documents were filed accusing 'Train Wreck' actress of infringement.

The name of the complainant is 38-year-old Felipe Ramales.

As Wonderwall stated, Ramales stressed that he did not consent or permit sharing of the photo on the Gram.

He also says that because of this, the image was extremely devalued.

In addition to filing a case against her, he's also coming after Claudetter LLC, a company owned by Schumer.

The lawsuit states that, "Defendants infringed Plaintiff's copyright in the Photographs by reproducing and publicly displaying the Photographs on the Website."

It read on that the defendant were never authorized or licensed to do so specially to generate sales and promotion for her clothing line.

He is also seeking monetary compensation for the damages and to avail a trial by jury.

Additionally, he pushes that his legal fees should also be charged on Schumer.

He demands to be paid a whopping $150,000.

As Naga Pramod writes, this even become more ridiculous when the New York-based photographer pressures Schumer to pay a total of $300,000 since each of the photos costs 150,000 USD.

Ramale's lawyer, Richard Leibowitz, stated that even social media sites aren't allowed to use images by a photographer.

The lawyer even adds that theft of professional images are rampant and should be discouraged.

As Cheyenne Rountree reports, Schumer is currently staying at home due to the pandemic with her husband Chris Fischer, Gene, her son and their dog Tati.

To pass the time, they also go on walks with their dog Tati who they welcomed to their family in 2017.

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