Ever since Meghan Markle married into the royal family, her fashion sense dramatically changed from a regular Hollywood actress to a fine Duchess who is stylishly elegant. 

But now that the 38-year-old former "Suits" star has officially dropped her senior royal role and is living miles away from the Buckingham Palace, fans may expect a total fashion makeover to signify her post-royal style. 

Christine Ross, the editor of "Meghan's Mirror" -- a blog site dedicated to the Duchess of Sussex's detailed fashion --believes that the public will see dramatic changes in Meghan's style now that she is no longer confined to following strict royal dress code. 

Speaking to a royal podcast called "Pod Save the Queen," Ross explained that Meghan took a new job when she married into the royal family. It's like having a levelled-up job which required a whole wardrobe change that would fit her new role 

The fashion blog editor said that Meghan willingly underwent a wardrobe change that would suit her role as a senior member of the royal family. But now that she is out of that job, Ross thinks that the Meghan will have a significant makeover and will go back to her pre-marriage fashion sense. 

"We'll probably see a lot more ripped jeans again because that's something she loves to rock - a pair of ripped skinny jeans," Ross said. 

Meghan's Hollywood street-style fashion raised some eyebrows during her early royal days. People said that wearing ripped jeans is not appropriate for a royal, but the Duchess managed o retain this style -- especially during her off-duty looks. 

"I really think that we're going to see a casual Meghan, we're going to see a lot more affordable style, we're going to see a lot more jeans and boots rather than fascinators and high heels," Ross explained. 

The fashion editor believes that Meghan's new style will reflect not only the new role she is going to play but also her new lifestyle in Los Angeles, California.  

Glam Meghan

However, Ross is still hopeful that the iconic Duchess will again unleash her full glam on when she and Prince Harry attend formal gatherings, like major Hollywood red carpet events. 

She is still looking forward to Meghan bringing her "capes out" during red carpet events, as the Duchess knows very well how fierce and fabulous she looks in them. 

Meghan's Royal Fashion Highlights

Over the past two years that Meghan has been a part of the royal family, Ross praised how the former actress nailed her major fashion moments.

The fashion blog editor thinks that Meghan did a great job fitting into the royal dress code and adding her own style to it.  

"I think the height of royal fashion is really what they wear to Westminster Abbey services because it's always a coat dress, high heels and a very formal fascinator - it's a very formal, specific look," Ross said.

"Even in those instances Meghan just looked fabulously herself and really took that royal uniform and put her own spin onto it," she added. 

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