Halle Berry finally spoke out about how she almost lost her life while filming a movie in 2001.

On Tuesday (April 21), Halle appeared on "The Tonight Show" special online episode where she told Jimmy Fallon a secret that she has been keeping to herself for almost two decades now.

According to the 53-year-old "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" actress, she nearly died while filming the 2002 James Bond movie installment "Die Another Day." Fortunately, her co-star Pierce Brosnan was there to saved her life.

"I was supposed to be all sexy, trying to seduce him with a fig," Berry described her Bond girl character, Jinx Johnson. "I end up choking on it, and he had to get up and do the Heimlich."

What once made her frightened turned into a source of laughter now, as she dubbed the scene as "not so sexy" at all.

Jimmy then shared how people never saw James Bond perform the Heimlich maneuver in a movie, to which Halle replied that Pierce was there for her. Because of that incident, she considers Brosnan one of her favorite people in the world.

Currently, Halle is busy building her body for her role in "Bruised," in which she plays disgraced MMA fighter Jackie "Justice." Coincidentally, she also got injured while filming the said movie.

Halle Got Bruised In "Bruised"

In November 2019, the "Die Another Day" star caused her fans to worry after she got hurt while filming a fight scene in the MMA-inspired flick.

"Halle got slightly injured in the fight," the film's executive producer, Brian Pitt, said that time. "She's tired. She needed a break."

Halle's injury caused them to delay the production.

However, a week after the incident happened, she came back again on the set and did not allow her injury to stop her from filming.


Will She Be Back On Bond Film?

Despite her scare years ago, James Bond series producer Barbara Broccoli loved her performance so much that she wanted Berry's character to get her own spin-off movie.

Broccoli and her half-brother, Michael G. Wilson, are both responsible for finding the best stars who can fit perfectly in the James Bond franchise.

The said spin-off was initially focused on Berry's secret agent character in "Die Another Day," Jinx. However, Wilson went against it because of its $80 million budget. This led Broccoli to create stronger female characters who can play the opposite of Bond.

"I believe we should be creating new characters for women - strong female characters," she explained.

"I'm not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that."

It was one out of four James Bond films that were so close to the production but got canceled in the end.

In the 1950s, Alfred Hitchcock's "Thunderball" almost made it to the cinema after Ian Fleming contacted him to direct the Bond's film debut. However, the director chose to work on "Psycho" while Fleming focused on the screenplay of his eighth full-length Bond novel.

George Lazenby's "Diamonds Are Forever" and Kevin McClory's "Warhead" also failed to be part of the installment.

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