Liam Payne spilled the tea about his ex-One Direction badnmate Zayn Malik. 

In his interview with the Daily Star, the "Stack it Up" artist revealed that the reason why Zayn joined the talent search "X-Factor" was because he was forced by his mom Tricia Malik to audition.

Liam added that the "Pillowtalk" hitmaker didn't want to try out himself or never really liked to be famous. 

"I remember Zayn telling us the story that it was his mum who got him to go to the audition the day he didn't want to go and that was literally what we saw all the way through One Direction," Liam revealed.

He also admitted that Zayn has a passion for music but doesn't like performing.

"Some people are made for this thing but Zayn enjoys the side of the music where he just gets to make music. I don't think he enjoys what comes with it. I think he has to be very careful where he treads'" Liam furthered.

The 26-year-old former boyband member hinted that he knew Zayn was unhappy with One Direction, and that was when their friendship started to fall apart.

"We always kind of knew that there were moments when One Direction was really Zayn and then there were moments when it really wasn't," Payne shared.

Aside from Zayn and Liam, other members of the famous boy band include Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson 

After the group was formed in 2010 by their mentor and "X-Factor" judge Simone Cowell, the group exploded into popularity -- which saw them produce chart-topping albums and hit songs. 

However, in 2015, Zayn decided to quit the One Direction band to start his solo career. 

A year later, the remaining members have decided "not to renew their recording contract" and formally left the group. 

One Direction Reunion In The Works

It was reported that the British boyband will have its reunion on July 23, 2020 for their 10th anniversary. 

Payne revealed in his virtual interview with The Sun that the group is planning to make their 10th anniversary memorable -- a revelation that sent their fans into a frenzy. 

"To hear a lot of people's voices and seeing old content and different things that we haven't seen for a long time or never seen before, it's very interesting," Payne said in his interview.

Zayn Malik Joining The Reunion?

Interestingly, the four members recently re-followed Zayn on Twitter, and fans took this as a sign that the "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" singer will be present on the reunion. 

Fans also started hashtags such as #OneDirection2020 and #OneDirectionReunion.

Unfortunately, during Liam's Instagram Live interview with Alesso, he subtly confirmed that Zayn won't be joining their 10th anniversary celebration.

"You can come and fill in for Zayn," the former One Direction member told the DJ. "Join the band."

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