Royal End: Queen Elizabeth II To Make Prince Charles As New King Soon?

Is Queen Elizabeth about to end her reign and give way to Prince Charles?

The extended lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has been keeping Queen Elizabeth II out of the limelight, and it caused the core members of the royal family to do the engagements on her behalf -- most especially Prince Charles.

However, since experts warned that the health crisis could last until 2021, a source told that the lockdown extension could cause Her Majesty to end her reign after she hands over most of her royal engagements and duties to the heir to the throne.

Once it happens, the Prince of Wales' waiting game to finally be king would be over. Although it is only a speculation, another royal expert echoed the same sentiment in 2017 -- but for a different reason.

In 2017, royal expert Robert Jobson stated in his column that Her Majesty might consider stepping down -- not abdicate -- when she turns 95 in April next year.

"The Queen will keep calm and carry on, but there is nothing to stop her following her husband into a form of retirement," Jobson said through Evening Standard. "I understand she has hinted that she would consider a Prince Charles Regency at 95. There is nothing to stop her [from] doing this."

Jobson also stated the same idea in his Prince of Wales 2018 biography titled "In Charles at Seventy." In the said book, he added that Her Majesty could start a period of Regency if she is still alive when she turns 95 and pass the duties to Prince Charles.

This means that she may still give her son more power, not as a King but the Regent of the Crown.

This devlopment came after royal watchers started to call Prince Charles as "Shadow King" for handling Prince Andrew's mess in 2019..

Meanwhile, Royal author Phil Dampier supported Jobson's statement and told Royal Central that abdication is really impossible for the Queen

"At the moment she is in excellent health, and so she won't be giving this serious thought right now," the royal author stated. "In fact, I know she has told friends that she wants to live to 100 like her mother."

Regency A Tough Choice?

The Regency Act allows the Queen to pass down most of her royal duties to the regent, but she will still technically be the Queen of the British Monarchy.

Before this period starts, the Speaker of House of Commons, the Chancellor and Prince Philip should all agree and testify that Queen Elizabeth II truly wants to finally step out of the spotlight.

According to Sally Bedell Smith -- the biographer of Her Royal Highness and the Prince of Wales -- the whole process of Regency requires an all-out decision by the entire royal family.

"The Queen can't just wave a queen wand and say Charles you are my regent. It's not her call - and it's not his call," Smith added.

If this will push through, even if Queen Elizabeth II decides to lighten her load, no coronation event will take place before her death.

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