Adele Controversy: Weight Loss Required Botox and Facial Surgery?


Adele looks so different now people cannot help but talk about it. She lost a lot of weight, but experts claimed that her face did not just transform (to Sarah Paulson's) just because of this weight loss. Instead, she had some operations done. 

According to an aesthetic expert, Adele's face looks like it has been surgically changed, even though she might really look just different because of her seven stone weight loss. 

Still, the expert claims that this is no ordinary transformation due to weight loss. According to Dr. Chike, who is the Medical Director of Hampstead Aesthetics Clinic and Dr. Chike Clinics, Adele's more defined and sculpted facial appearance might be due to some few subtle and non-invasive tweaks. 

According to the expert, if Adele did not have anything done, she would have more sagging skin. However, her cheek volume and defined jawline are still there, so it is highly possible that dermal fillers were used to replace the facial volume loss. 

Another expert weighed in and claimed that Adele must have done some Botox on her eyebrows and eyes. According to Dr. Lucy Glancey, who is from Glancey Clinics, Adele's higher eyebrows, as well as wider eyes, are all evidence. 

It remains to be seen if Adele would say anything about these speculations, but she must not be that surprised that such reports would come out. After all, she lost a whopping seven stone (100lbs), and it was bound to attract some attention - both negative and positive.

Reportedly, all the weight she lost was from following a calorie-controlled diet of just "green juice and 1000 calories a day."

She must be perfectly proud of what her hard work led to, as she showed off her amazing weight loss in a tight black mini in a post on Instagram. In the picture, not only does she look completely different, but she also looked like Sarah Paulson. She was celebrating her 32 birthday and smiling happily in this photo. Since she was standing in the picture, it was evident how much weight she lost. 


Ever since this new photo was shared, people do not know what to do about it. Some think Adele is being praised (and criticized) unfairly. She had been showing a real talent for years despite her weight, but some think that she's being praised now for something so superficial. 

According to CBS News, Adele's birthday photo even led to debates on body image. Should people be celebrated regardless of their sizes, or should they be applauded for losing weight? Is doing one endangering the health of some population?

Is praising Adele's weight loss superficial and fatphobic? Is not praising her, on the other hand, just as rude? 

Since women's appearance is a sensitive topic, some people just do not know what quite to say. 

According to CNN, there are no standards for discussing women's dramatic changes in their appearances. 

There will always be praises, and there will always be some criticisms. At the end of the day, what should just matter is what the woman in question feels about herself. 

Adele has for years, claimed she has no desire to look like a model. But now that she does, as some would say, it is her right too. She does not owe anyone to look one way or the other.

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