Prince Harry Despair: Princess Diana Netflix Diary Can Push Him to the Edge

The newest and upcoming Princess Diana documentary, to be released in Netflix may piqued the interest of many, but it will do nothing but inflict pain on Diana's princes, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince Harry in particular, can become devastated and confused, once that documentary is released. 

Princess Diana's story is not new. There had been countless documentaries and writeups that have been made of it. However, this does not mean that memories of their mother ceased to hurt when brought up, especially when shown in a public media.

After all, Prince Harry and Prince William lived through Princess Diane's last years on Earth with her. They knew ever since they were young that their parents do not get along.

If "Being Me: Diana" drops on Netflix in the near future, Prince harry and Prince William, and the rest of the public will be privy to allegedly unseen footage from Diana's speeches between 1990 and 1992, as well as interviews of those who were close the enigmatic royal.

According to Royal author Leslie Carroll, who spoke with, the revelations in the show regarding Diana's four attempts to kill herself 'open new wounds for both Prince William and Prince Harry. The documentary will be showing the struggle of the Princess of mental health issues, eating disorders, and the generally sad marriage with Prince Charles.

While all those were happening in Princess Diana's life, her children were naturally privy ot what was taking place, even if they were too young to get it. However, watching the documentary can trigger some of these feelings and thoughts that the have long shelved.

"It might provide closure, or it might-open new wounds for the sons. It all depends on who is going to speak to the camera and what they might reveal." the expert said. 

"Most people who are royal watchers already know that what really broke Diana's heart was her husband's marital infidelity: his relationship with Camilla, which began years before he met Diana and never ended; and which drove her into the arms of other men," the expert claimed. But she said that not all knew what all of these were doing to Princess Diana mentally. 

Prince Harry in particular, is the most at-risk.

Since he is already in the United States now, he is far from his British family and the brunt of his emotions upon seeing that documentary can be too heavy. 

Not only that, It can be distressing for Harry because he's been working with Netflix. He'll be in a dilemma on how to react. He might even be compelled to keep his emotions, more so from Meghan Markle. Reports had it that he'll already having the blues in LA.  

The showrunners' camp however claimed that the documentary would not be showing anything that is not already public knowledge or publicly accessible.

The spokeswoman for Endemol Shine, the parent company for DSP, said: "This is a not a commissioned show and everything within the treatment is already in the public domain."

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