Fears for Queen Elizabeth spikes up as post-lockdown reality looms. Will she be safe from a possible second wave of Covid-19 infections? 

UK To Ease Lockdown Measures 

Easing of lockdown measures imposed several months ago in the bid to flatten the curve may come as a relief to some who worries about the economy and their livelihood in the long run, but this does not mean that the pandemic is over. 

Even if the easing of lockdown measures means the UK is striving to save the economy against further deterioration, this hardly means that the dreaded virus no longer exists. In contrast, because there are no real vaccines yet, it means that infection rates can certainly increase once more when people are let out and the businesses allowed to run once more. 

But UK, like most nations today, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If it does not ease the lockdown measures and allows the economy to start moving, many will suffer. If it does, the the chances of suffering are there too. 

Palace Preparing for Possing Second Wave of Covid-19?

Experts have warned of a second wave of infections but the UK appears willing to risk it. Even the palace is starting to prepare, according to palace aides.  

The public has become quite afraid for the elderly royals, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles mostly. Prince Charles already tested positive for the virus and recovered, but this hardly means he is out of the woods. Anything can happen.

According to Express UK, Britons are particularly fearful for what could happen to Queen Elizabeth if the lockdown measures are removed. She just turned 94 and is more at-risk of developing complications and even death if she should catch the virus at her age. And because the virus can spread like wildfire and at the most random of places and times, no one can stay entirely safe unless they starve themselves of contact from other people.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip Will Continue Self-Isolating

This is why people are supportive of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to continue self-isolating even if the whole nation decided to move forward despite the risks.

Britons would rather see the Queen and Prince Philip just enjoying what they can of their stay at Windsor Castle rather than force them to return back to their duties. If there are royal tasks that must be carried out, the younger royals can certainly take their place in the meantime. 

Other activities will remain halted. These include those that the Queen enjoys a lot

Changes to England's lockdown rules have now come into place after PM Boris Johnson made a speech to the nation on Sunday, which detailed a roadmap for how restrictions in place would be eased in the coming days, weeks and months depending on how much it can risk. 

The easing of measures has to be done as carefully as possible while implementing new rules on how to live in the so-called "new normal." According to the prime minister, it would be a such a "madness" if all their efforts for the past two months to flatten the curve would just be thrown away should a second spike take place. 

After the speech, a 60-page document entitled "Our Plan to Rebuild" was produced and published in Monday.  These detailed what are now possible to do - including sunbathing and picnicking with social distancing measures, and what are still not allowed - including the reopening of schools.

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