Is Jennifer Aniston really okay with Brad Pitt dating someone that is not her? 

According to OK Magazine, the "Friends" alum is reportedly happy for her ex-husband for finally finding happiness. 

Aniston allegedly decided that she and Pitt are better off as friends, and because of that, she doesn't have any negative feelings towards his rumored girlfriend, Alia Shawkat. 

The tipster told the American magazine, "She and Brad are still great friends, and of course, she still cares for him. But they're just not meant to be a couple."

They added, "Jen's thrilled that he's, reportedly, found happiness with 'Arrested Development's' Alia Shawkat."

The tipster also revealed that the "Murder Mystery" star would have a sit-down, tell-all interview. In the interview, Jennifer Aniston would reportedly expose some details about her past relationships with Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt. 

Another source told the magazine, "Jen doesn't open up to people outside of her inner circle very often. It's made Jen very guarded. Because of that, she's developed a reputation for being rigid and uptight, even though she's not that type of person at all." 

However, according to the source, Jennifer Aniston is ready to talk about her love life, and she will not leave any questions unanswered. 

It was reported before that Aniston was ready to do a tell-all interview to set the record straight between her and Pitt's relationship. 

"There's been a lot said about her and Brad over the years - especially after their reunion at her 50th birthday last year," the insider continued, "Now, Jen's ready to tackle the rumors head-on."

The insider further said that after she and Pitt are back in each other's lives, the actress "contemplated giving their relationship another shot."

"They were spending a lot of time together, and it reminded Jen of the old days. She was even telling her friends that Brad was her soulmate." 

The report comes after Jennifer Aniston catching Alia Shawkat, sleeping over at Brad Pitt's mansion. 

According to New Idea, they insisted that the former married couple has rekindled together after their little bump in at the 2020 SAG Awards. 

Aniston reportedly caught Shawkat at Pitt's home, which has left her heartbroken. In the past, several reports have already said that Pitt and Shawkat were inseparable, especially during the lockdown period. 

New Idea's source further compared Shawkat and Aniston's relationship with the "Ad Astra" actor, saying that he now has a more healthy and loving relationship with Shawkat. 

According to reports, Pitt finds Shawkat "smart, down-to-earth, quirky and funny."

Shawkat also reportedly surprises Pitt and makes him laugh nonstop. Both also share the same passion for architecture, movies, and art. 

The insider said, "He loves her beauty, inside and out, and her wacky outlook on life."

The insider went on to say that the "Arrested Development" actress doesn't control the hunk actor and doesn't try to change him. 

"She is only interested in Pitt's personality."

However, fans of all three celebrities should take the tabloid's reports with a grain of salt, as Brad Pitt has not confirmed his relationship with either Jennifer Aniston or Alia Shawkat.

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