Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox deciding to divorce out of the blue rocked their fans in the middle of the present pandemic. Fans could not believe that they would decide to break up after ten years, especially when there were no reports of them having marriage troubles. 

If fans would like to know, Brian himself felt blindsided with what had happened. Did he feel Megan Fox deceive him?

He revealed more of his true emotions regarding the split in the latest episode of his podcast, "With Brian Austin  Green," and revealed that he felt his world shook when he heard that Megan wanted to take some time apart. 

She said, 'You know, I realized while I was out of the country working alone that I feel more like myself, and I liked myself better during that experience, and I think that maybe something worth trying for me,'" Brian recalled

The "90210" star, then said that he did not take the sudden announcement easily. He was shocked and upset but at the same time, having to struggle with his emotions because he was not really upset at her. He said that he could not be angry at her at all because he understood that it was not deliberate, that Megan did not just suddenly decide that she is not happy with him anymore. Green said that it was not a choice Fox made and that she was just being honest. 

It can be remembered that roughly a week ago has passed (May 18 episode of his podcast) that Brian confessed that regardless of their present situation, he would always love Meghan. He also knows that the love is still mutual even if they are already broken up. He said he would always feel that the family they built is really cool and special. The two have three children altogether, the eldest being seven and the youngest, just 3. 

While Green has been honest about his emotions on his latest podcast, he is yet to react adequately (or with some angst) to the rumors that Fox is dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly and that the rapper is the real reason why their marriage is now in tatters. it can be assumed that his non-reaction just means that these rumors are baseless. 

Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were spotted hanging out on May 16, and what made the whole situation fishy was that the actress was not sporting her wedding ring.

Brian did acknowledge that he knows about the Megan Fox dating Machine Gun Kelly rumors, though. In fact, he said that he does not want anyone painting either of them as a villain. Nor does he wants anyone to view him as a victim of cheating or anything vile like that. He said he believes the two are just really good friends and trusts Fox to have good judgment. 

Prior to the announcement of their split, Brian shared a cryptic post on his Instagram about butterflies, eventually getting bored after sitting on a flower for a long time. As a result, they feel smothered and want to explore.

At the time, many did not think he could have been describing his wife.

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