Royal Family Abolishment: Queen Elizabeth II PERFECTLY Responds To Anti-Royalist Plan!

Queen Elizabeth II has always been a cool but respectful monarch, and her perfect response to an anti-royalist plan is proof of that.

The British royal family is currently one of the most popular and strongest empires in the world, thanks to Queen Elizabeth II's 68 years of dedication and toughness in serving the monarchy.

However, although she has been loved by many, former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating once expressed his opposition toward the United Kingdom being a constitutional monarchy.

In the 2011 report by The Telegraph, the former prime minister reportedly told Queen Elizabeth II about his anti-royalist plans despite Her Majesty being the monarch.

During his time, Keating urged Australia to cut its ties with the British monarchy. So when he visited the Queen at the Balmoral Castle on Sept. 18, 1993, he carelessly told Queen Elizabeth II that her future royal visits to Australia "would have been more celebratory" if only the nation was a constitutional republic instead of a monarchy.

"I told the Queen as politely and gently as I could that I believed the majority of Australians felt the monarchy was an anachronism; that it had drifted into obsolescence," the former prime minister explained in his 2011 book "After Words."

While everything he blurted out sounded like an insult, Queen Elizabeth II kept her cool and perfectly responded to his statements in a very diplomatic way.

"You know my family has always tried to do their best by Australia," Queen Elizabeth II reportedly said. "I will, of course, take the advice of Australian ministers and respect the wishes of the Australian people."

After the visit though, Keating hoped that the Queen would have taken his words "philosophically, without feeling too hurt."

Keating Always Disrespected Queen?

Aside from unrolling his anti-royalist plans directly to the Queen, Keating had always been so disrespectful toward Queen Elizabeth II.

During his 1992 royal visit, he was caught putting his arms on her back as he made introductions in 1992. Because of this, he was nicknamed "Lizard of Oz" by British tabloids.

Even his wife, Annita, refused to show some respect to Queen Elizabeth II when she expressed "rude pawing" in one instance.

Despite the careless actions, Her Majesty was not offended, according to her private secretary Lord Robert Fellowes. He then called all the news and nicknames as "a lot of nonsense" afterward.

Aside from Keating and Annita, the former prime minister's successor, John Howard, also made the same contact with the Qieen in 2000 -- during which he was also introducing Her Majesty to some people at a particular reception.

Howard was quick to deny the allegation after the photo emerged, saying that his hand did not touch the Queen's back.

The royal protocol states that no one shall touch the Queen unless she extends her hand to someone to shake.

"[It is]Best not to initiate personal physical contact with a member of the royal family. Again, it may be that they offered to give you a hug or to put their arm around you, but usually wait and see what's expected or what's appropriate for the event," Lucy Hume, the associate director at Debrett's, a professional coaching company, explained the etiquette.

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