Queen Elizabeth II Joy: Barack Obama Confesses Real Thoughts About Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II met former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama for the first time in 2009. Since then, the Queen has grown fond of the couple with whom she has developed a special friendship with. 

In fact, a former royal staff revealed to author Tom Quinn about how the Queen would request her courtiers to arrange with Barack to come and visit London again even after his presidency. In Quinn's book entitled "Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle," the said royal staffer also shared how her Majesty has developed a soft spot for the Obamas

"The Queen has a soft spot for Americans after meeting Barack Obama who she completely fell in love with," the insider told Quinn.

Obamas Feel The Same Way

Now, according to recently unearthed reports, the Queen's admiration for Obama is mutual, as the world leader has also developed a soft spot for her Majesty. 

In 2016, Obama made a heartwarming confession about the Queen. 

"She is truly one of my favorite people. "I confess I've also come back to wish Her Majesty the Queen a happy 90th birthday," Obama said during a joint press conference with former Prime Minister David Cameron, per Express U.K. 

Obama's good praises came after the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. He also recalled their visit to the Queen at Windsor Castle earlier that day. It was their first stop during their three-day state visit. 

"Earlier today Michelle and I had the honor to join Her Majesty and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh as their guests at Windsor Castle where we conveyed the good wishes of the American people," Obama added.

The former U.S. President and his wifer were also treated to a car ride with Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II from the castle grounds to the castle. 

Michelle joked about it, saying: "I have to say I have never been driven by a Duke of Edinburgh before. I can report that it was very smooth riding."

Queen Elizabeth's Friendship With Nelson Mandela

While it would be unusual for her Majesty to host Obama now that he is no longer President, he won't be the first one to be treated to such privilege. Nelson Mandela, who has developed a tight friendship with the Queen, has visited the Queen even after two years since he stepped down. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Mandela have developed a close friendship not everyone knew about. 

Zelda la Grange, who worked as Mandela's personal assistant for years, shared details of the close relationship of her Majesty to one of the world's most admired leaders. In her memoir "Good Morning, Mr. Mandela," she shared that Mandela would call the Queen by her first name and she did the same to him. 

"On a visit to Britain, I was struck by the warm friendship between Madiba and the Queen. 'Oh Elizabeth,' he would say when he greeted her, and she would respond: 'Hello, Nelson,'" Grange revealed.

Zindzi Mandela also shared her dad's endearing nickname for her Majesty. In a report released by Hello magazine, Zindzi recalled meeting Prince Harry in Copenhagen for the first time. She revealed talking to him about his grandmother's relationship with her father

"He used to call her 'Lizzie.'" Zindzi said.

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