Kim Kardashian News: Enhancing photos is one thing that all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters are guilty of.

They always slim their waist or give themselves a more hourglass figure, which still sparks massive hate and backlash.

However, many fans now think that what Kim Kardashian West did to North West has crossed the line.

People are sending a lot of hate to the mother of three for sharing a photo of her eldest child looking completely like she has photoshopped her six-year-old daughter.

Famous Instagram account CelebFace posted an original and photoshopped picture of Kim Kardashian and North West.

In the edited version of the photo, North looked noticeably slimmer.

  CelebFace captioned the picture, "Have you ever seen non-natural children photos on Instagram? I mean filters and Facetune. Do these women think their kids aren't good enough for their Instagram pages?"

The caption continued, "It's sad when someone cares about perfection so much and loses touch with reality."

One angry social media user commented, "I can't believe she photoshopped her daughter's belly. WTF?!"

Another person said, "Why would you ever change a child's body shape?" "Imagining sexualizing your kid's body. Yuck!" another commented.

Many people in the comments fired off, saying, "What a sick obsession. Wow. Photoshop your face, your body, or whatever you want, but please leave your children alone. that's sad."

In the same gallery of pictures, the reality star seemed to have also blurred her kids' skin to make them look smoother to achieve that "baby soft" skin.

"OMG, I can't believe that they even photoshop the butt and nose and lips of kids!" one person added.

This wasn't the first time Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo to her Instagram and faced backlash for editing North to make her look slimmer.

In 2018, a source close to the SKIMS businesswoman told The Daily Mail that she would never mess with pictures of her kids.

A tipster explained, "Kim sometimes posts images from her fan sites. This was one of those times. The paparazzi photo was altered via the fan site."

"She would never photoshop North to alter her weight."

Kim isn't the only Kardashian sister getting a lot of hate for editing their children's appearances in photos.

Last month, Khloe Kardashian was accused of altering her daughter's skin to appear lighter. Fans and followers of the "Revenge Body" host noticed that she had lightened True Thompson's skin tone.

There's even a Reddit discussion thread debating about the apparent color change, with many users agreeing that it does look lighter in pictures.

Several fans are also in agreement that on the show, True's skin looks darker.

One person expressed her concern on the mother of one, saying that "I don't want to believe they lightened that sweet baby's skin.. someone please tell me this is a trick of the light."

Another user said, "She lightens the baby's skin or uses filters to make her appear lighter."

"They look insane. That poor baby."

Kylie Jenner also received criticisms for altering the shape of her daughter's ear and smoothened her skin by using FaceTune in 2018.

"I'm kinda afraid this baby will grow up with the belief that there'll always be a need to Photoshop her pics," a social media user commented.

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