Meghan Markle Warning: Duchess Should Not Do THIS to Bodyguards!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are facing a host of security issues in LA. Their security team certainly has-a lot on their plate. But an expert thinks Meghan Markle should avoid crossing some boundaries with her security team.

"LA is clock-full of nutters," one expert celebrity bodyguard says. 

The money they are shelling out for their security entail is worth it, after all, considering the tasks that they have in front of them. 

According to a celebrity security expert, Will Geddess, the new £7,000-a-day personal security team of the couple, would always be busy because of the range of security concerns the two are facing. Speaking with The Times, Geddes even listed all the possible issues.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle News: Couple Can Face Riots? 

One of them is the possibility of them being involved in a riot. This is one o the immediate concerns that Meghan and Harry could face following the death of George Floyd last Monday. 

Knowing a lot of security personnel protecting their respective clients, Geddes said that everyone he knows in LA is now working overtime to determine which routes are safe to traverse for their clients and which ones are not.

Another issue would be the coronavirus pandemic. Even though countries are starting to ease lockdown and quarantine measures, there is still no vaccine for the virus, and it remains as real and as urgent of a threat today. Geddes, who owns the London-based International Corporate Protection, said that this dreaded virus remains to be the forefront of security concerns.

"Initially, our industry ground to a halt. Everyone was in lockdown, terrified of catching coronavirus from their security - after all, they're called close-protection officers - and obviously, we didn't want our guys catching corona from a principal," he explained. 

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Are in Danger in LA? 

But apart from these two, which can be considered general threats anyway, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be facing a few more security issues linked to the city they chose to live in. LA is not that safe as they thought it is. They might think that the LA paparazzi is the craziest thing they have to deal with, but there are far more dangers than that. 

"Normally the biggest nightmare in LA is paparazzi shoving cameras in faces and chasing your principal [client] down the street," Geddes said. However, the real issue could be obsessive fans or "fixated persons" who love to stalk people. 

Geddes got too honest thought when he said he is not sure if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have any "fixated persons," which must be taken in a positive sense anyway. 

The security expert also gave his thoughts on how well Meghan and Harry can live with their bodyguards. He is sure that Harry would not find it difficult at all since he has lived with bodyguards all throughout his life. Geddes added that Harry has never been his client, but he bumped into him already.

Meghan Markle Should NOT Cross Boundaries

He thinks Harry is charming and nice, and he also believes the former royal's military background would make him amenable to accepting certain protocols. He expects Harry to show respect to his security and vice versa. What he is unsure of is Meghan Markle and if she would give the same courtesy as her team would give her. 

Giddes said he has never met Markle yet, but he is sure that her security team would not want to be tasked to pick up her "rice milk from the Whole Foods down the road." Doing so would mean boundaries are being crossed, and that would be problematic.

One can remember how a photographer who worked with Meghan Markle revealed all her "diva" behavior. 

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