Blac Chyna is accusing NBC for racism. The timing could not be any more timelier, since just a day ago, Gabrielle Union filed a discrimination complaint against the same network. Kardashians however, think pulling out the race card after all this time is a sign of desperation. 

Chyna, 32, sued both NBC and the Kardashian family in October 2017, saying they allegedly caused her show "Rob and Chyna" to be cancelled and for her to incur serious damages. Chyna believed that the network allowed the Kardashians to interfere, so that producers would not have no choice but to cancel it. 

The lawsuit was filed only a month after Chyna's ex, Rob Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner sued her. They filed a battery suit for the way Chyna reportedly tried to choke Rob with a charger cord. 

While Chyna's focus in the past was on her ex and his whole family, she is now incensed to drag NBC into the equation and make it pay. Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciana provided a statement to Page Six as to exactly what Chyna thought the network did.

Alleged, she believes that the Peacock network never informed her or anyone fromher team of any accusations that the Kardashian family have against her and that things would not escalated the way if the network saw that Chyna is white. 

"No one at NBCUniversal ever informed Chyna that Kris Jenner had secretly accused her of severely beating Rob," the lawyer said.

Next, without Chyna's knowledge, Kris Jenner and three of her daughters (Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner) were able to convince E! executives that they needed to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the cancellation of Season 2 of 'Rob & Chyna' based on the false accusation that Chyna had severely beaten Rob, "the lawyer further explained to Page Six. 

The main issue is that even though she was being accused for being violent, NBC executives never invited her to the emergency meeting.  The lawyer added that the NBC executives did not even bother to watch the remaining unaired Season 2 footage, which would have shown Kris Jenner's accusations were baseless. 

The attorney claimed that had her client been white instead a "unicorn" black reality TV figure, none of the accusations would be easily made and easily believed. NBC executives would have truly investigated the matter, at least, had Chyna been born white, the lawyer said.

That said, what Chyna wants the world to know now is that apart from depriving her of livelihood, which was the reason of her suit against NBC, the network also denied her of due process. She even pointed that three white executive-level decision makers at the network influenced the events and did not give Chyna due process on whether her show should be retained or not. 

The lawyer is calling for the network to truly embrace diversity. 

On their part, Kardashians said that Chyna's present allegations of racism reeked of desperation. Pulling out the race card was for the family, quite funny. According to the Kardashian family attorney, Marty Singer, in a statement to Daily Mail, the lawsuit has already spanned two years and within those years, Chynna has changed her defense multiple times.

Is Chyna's timing suspect? Is she too late to make anyone believe racism was a factor?