Kanye Tired of Kim Kardashian: Reality Star's Obsession Harming Their Kids!

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Kanye West, husband of the famous reality star Kim Kardashian West is reportedly trying to stop her from getting more cosmetic surgeries. Her procedures are starting to affect their children.

Kanye is said to be fed up with the KKW Beauty CEO after their eldest daughter, North West, reportedly mistook their nanny as Kim.

According to an NW report, the "Jesus is King" rapper is begging Kim to "ease up on the surgery."

The article went on to say that the couple's kids, North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago, are finding it hard to "differentiate" Kim Kardashian from other celebrities after the reality star's latest facelift.

NW insisted that North also started to call her nanny "Mom," which was the final straw for Kanye.

The source told NW, "The wake-up moment came when North was recently flipping through photos in a magazine and asked who that lady was - it was Kim!"

"That, along with North mistaking her nanny for her mom, got Kanye so freaked out."

Even though Kanye West still loves his wife, the Yeezy creator allegedly said that Kim Kardashian's obsession with "nips and tucks" has gotten way out of hand that he is going to stage an "intervention."

"He's putting his foot down and saying no more butt jobs, slimming treatments or Botox," the source revealed.

While the source didn't mention how Kim Kardashian West reacted to Kanye's "enough is enough," it was said that giving up her beloved cosmetic procedures is going to be tough on the mom of four.

However, Gossip Cop believes that the entire story is entirely untrue.

According to the news portal, "If Kanye did ask his wife to cut down on Kim Kardashian West's cosmetic procedures, it's highly unlikely that he would do so in front of a witness at their house, especially one who might run and tattle to a tabloid."

They also noted that at North West's age, it is very common for children to accidentally refer to the people they always see as authority figures to be "mom" or dad."

Kim Kardashian denies plastic surgery.

It's evident that the entire Kardashian Jenner clan had some sort of cosmetic procedure done to their faces and body.

Though they have all denied it to some extent, some of them have admitted it out, especially if it was so obvious that something has been really done under the knife.

Kim Kardashian West has gone to great lengths to deny all the plastic surgery rumors, especially the rumor that she has gotten butt implants.

Once she got tired of the fake news, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star went ahead and got an X-ray of her butt to prove that there were no implants inserted.

When it comes to her nose, Kim vehemently denies getting it done as well. If you look at Kim Kardashian West's before and after pictures, you will see that there's really a big difference then and now.

According to the KKW Beauty mogul, pregnancy allows the true features to "reveal themselves."

Or maybe she still looks the same, but have altered her photos with Photoshop to look different.

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