The life of Princess Diana was tragically cut short because of a car accident in 1997. 

Her marriage to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, was a rollercoaster ride. The former couple has two sons, Prince William, the future King, and Prince Harry, but the parents have always wanted other things. 

The Birth of Prince Harry

When Prince Harry was born in an explosive interview back then with Lady Diana Spencer, she alleged that her second son's arrival initially disappointed her husband. 

Speaking to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Prince Diana said the birth of Prince Harry on September 15, 1984, was the start of the marriage's downward spiral. 

"Charles and I were very, very close to each other the six weeks before Harry was born, the closest we've ever, ever been, and ever will be."

She continued, "Then suddenly, as Harry was born, it just went bang, our marriage. The whole thing went down the drain." 

When Princess Diana what the sex of her second child would be, she didn't tell Prince Charles because the Prince always hoped to get a daughter.

"He wanted two children, and he wanted a girl," Princess Diana explained. 

When the baby's delivery was done, her husband's initial reaction was, "Oh God, it's a boy," and was reportedly followed by, "And he's even got red hair!"

However, while a new baby has its own joy and challenge, Princess Diana later attributed their marriage woes to Prince Charles' extramarital affair and not because of Prince Harry's arrival.

In Princess Diana's famous 1995 BBC interview, she famously said, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded. 

Princess Diana's 'Secret Daughter' 

A couple of years ago, The Globe published a story that the former Princess of Wales had a secret daughter named Sarah, who also claims that she is the Princess' daughter.

Before marrying Prince Charles, she had undergone fertility tests to make sure she could produce an heir. 

After she was tested, the tabloid claims that the doctor kept one of her eggs and said to implant it in his wife. Then the wife had Sarah in October 1981. 

Sarah told The Globe that when she started looking for her birth parents, she was getting threatening messages that told her to stop. 

Did Princess Diana Really Want a Daughter? 

Though it is best to take The Globe's stories with a grain of salt, former butler of Princess Diana named Paul Burrell said that she did really want to have a daughter. 

Speaking to Closer Weekly, Burrell said, "Princess Diana always wanted more children. She felt that two were not enough."

He continued, "She would've had an army of children running through the corridors of Kensington Palace. And of course, she always wanted a girl."

Burrell claimed that if the Princess of Wales were still alive now, she would have just adored Princess Charlotte. 

"Having another baby girl in the family would have made everything for Diana. She was robbed of the opportunity of loving her grandchildren - especially Charlotte. She would have loved Kate too."

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