Jay-Z and Beyonce are now being sued for not giving a Jamaican artist the proper credit and payment after using her voice in one of their songs.

According to a report by TMZ, Dr. L'Antoinette Stines filed a federal copyright lawsuit after she did not receive due credit for her contribution to the song "Black Effect."

The document stated that Jay-Z and Beyonce approached Stines in 2018 to ask for her help in finding the best local dancers for their "On The Run II" tour's video promotion.

She added that they asked her to record a clip (where she talked about the concept of love) and informed her that they would also use it only for "promotional purposes."

But upon hearing Jay-Z and Beyonce's "Black Effect," Stines was left surprised after hearing her voice in the first minute of the song. Because of this move they never agreed on, the whole scenario reportedly made her feel "artistically raped."

As a result, aside from a copyright infringement lawsuit, Stines also filed a court case against the two for violating her right to publicity. Per NME, Stines is also seeking damages and writing credit on the song.

As of writing, the couple is yet to comment on the issue.

Stines' Message O Love

The Jamaican dancer and choreographer reportedly signed a contract over the usage of the clip for promotional purposes. Soon after the signing, she recorded the video in which she talked about love -- only to find out later on that Jay-Z and Beyonce underscored it by music on the "Black Effect."

In the song, she can be heard giving an extended response when asked, "Can you tell us about love?"

"Hmm, well there's love of children, love of self, love of God, love of a partner - and all of them have a different shape," Stines said in the clip. "But all of them is the same in the end: It's about sensitivity, it's about passion, it's about unconditional giving of self to another person."

She also mentioned how the love of humanity is what everyone needs the most now since "there is a soul in love."

Stines ended the interview by giving an analogy about love, shortly before Jay-Z began rapping the song.

Fans Slammed Jay-Z, Beyonce

When netizens heard the song, they showed support for the Jamaican artist and wished her to win the case.

One commentator said, "This seems to be a habit of Beyoncé. She practically stole If I were a boy from an unknown artist as well as sampling music without permission. Shes also copied choreography without giving credit to the original performer."

"Two of the biggest over inflated Egos walking the planet today,and that's saying something," another one wrote. "Seems they use and discard people. Can't say I'm surprised."

It is not the first Beyonce has received copyright infringement lawsuits, as she was hit with multiple cases in the past for her various plagiarized dance moves.

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